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Belly problems!

Anyone else's belly getting in the way? Every time I cook...my belly turns off or turns on burners without me even realizing it, since my stove is belly level and is all touch screen. Lol sometimes I go and check on something that's been cooking only to realize that my belly turned off the burner. I tie my shoes on the sides, since bending over isn't easy any more. I also always bump my DS on the head, as either he's walking by or me. Sex is so uncomfortable any more. Lets hear your belly problems...
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Re: Belly problems!

  • I can't hug my DH properly anymore. I can't see my toes or anything else for that matter which means I can't trim or shave. My belly is getting so big that some of the maternity shirts I bought are getting snug. I'm always bumping it when I open the fridge, car door, or move around the kitchen. Lolz


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    I'm always bumping it when I open the fridge

    This! I'm too busy thinking about food to realize that my belly is in the way!

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    We have a flat top stove and I burned my belly on it. No more cooking in a sports bra I guess!
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    When I do my makeup or brush my teeth I don't get close enough bc belly holds me back. I spill everything on my belly or down my boob's and the other day got stuck trying to shimmy between the wall and the car! Super embarrassed
  • We have hand dryers at work, so there are no paper towels and the counters are always wet. When I wash my hands, I have to lean waaay over so I don't get soapy water on my belly. Also, I have the worst razor burn in my lady area from not being able to see what I'm doing down there in the shower :(
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  • I agree that sex is uncomfortable now from the belly being in the way. I also find it annoying that as it gets bigger, I get more full after eating what used to be a normal portion of food.
  • I can't paint my toes anymore.  Pedicure time. 

    A car parked too close to ours at the mall, and I couldn't squeeze in to get in like I used to do.  So I had to drive. 

     DH and I barely fit in our small shower in our apartment anymore.  Solo showers for  this gal.  

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  • Trying to fit into small bathroom stalls! When the door opens inward it's such a pain, I always hit my bump on the toilet paper holder.

    Also, I tried dancing at my best friends wedding with my dad who has a big beer belly, and let me tell you, we were the most uncoordinated people out there.
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  • Can hardly do dishes cause it kills my back to have to lean over that far. Oh well! Another job for my hubby. Haven't painted my toenails in weeks cause I can't reach them and if I'm wearing shoes that I can't slip on my hubby has to tie them for me.
  • So with you ladies. This week in yoga I felt comical trying to navigate things with my belly.
  • Yea I have accidentally turn on the gas for our burner a couple of times! Didn't notice until we were smelling gas in the next room! And my belly honked my horn today as I was getting out of the car!

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  • I can hardly drive because my belly is so close to the wheel at this point
  • I'm having issues climbing in and out of my car and getting in and out of bed.  DH is still able to hold himself high enough for sex, but I'm not sure how much longer that will last.  I don't like any pressure on my belly.


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  • food on the belly, i can't get out of the car normally b/c of the steering wheel, and the cash drawer at the register pops out and hits me in the belly every time it opens and i keep forgetting to back up.

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