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Where did you buy your crib?

Where did you buy your crib? And which crib did you end up picking & why?
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Re: Where did you buy your crib?

  • Adrd47Adrd47
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    We got the Simmons Elite from Target. I'm super picky and it was the only crib H and I both liked.
  • atcwagatcwag
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    We ordered the Graco Lauren (came with free mattress) at Walmart online.  We chose it because we liked the design, low cost and great reviews.
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  • Target :)  I just went with the reviews that people had of the product. 

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  • We bought at babys r us. Baby Italia Asheville collection we think its so cute!
  • We bought ours at Walmart. It was a good price, free shipping, and the style that we both liked
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  • We got ours at a local store. It's a Munire (their website tells where they sell locally). It is the quality we were looking for. Very sturdy. Turns into a full sized bed w/ the conversion kit (a really pretty full size that she can have for a long time), and the matching dresser w/ hutch will also be perfect for when she's older.


  • We got ours (Graco Lauren) at Walmart.  I decided to opt out of the free mattress because it was only an 80 coil mattress and from what I've read that's not firm enough.

  • We got a Storkcraft crib from Walmart in an espresso finish. It was exactly the style we were looking for (modern) and it was only $89 with free shipping.  I can't fathom spending hundreds of dollars on something that I can get much cheaper, and all cribs must pass the same safety standards. It looks great in the room and feels super sturdy. 

    We are using DS' old crib mattress so we didn't have to buy a new one. 

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  • We got the crib and dresser from Baby Depot.  It is the Bebe Dakota collection and felt they were the most sturdy pieces of furniture with a good price. 
  •  is where I bought mine.  It's Canadian made and green guard certified.  With all the chewing some kids do on cribs, I wanted to ensure that my crib had zero VOC in case baby is a chewer.  I got the Natart Juvenile Barcelona Classic crib.  It's simple, which I like.
  • Buy Buy Baby - Baby Appleseed Stratford collection. We wanted dark wood and a convertible crib and a style looked good both as a crib and as a toddler / full bed which was important to us as we don't plan on buying her any additional furniture in any near future
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  • Buy Buy Baby. It was gorgeous, on clearance, and very sturdy. I still can't believe our luck.
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  • We got ours at (well, a local store of that chain).  They're having an amazing sale through the end of the month.  We got a Munire set for a really good price!
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  • We won our furniture.  DHs mom works for Beazer homes and when they sell the model homes, whatever furniture the homeowner doesn't want to purchase they give away to employees.  So she bid on it for us.  It's the same crib we had for DD1, but a dark cherry color.  It also came with a changing table.  
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  • Pottery Barn Kids, I like their furniture, its good quality. And it was the only sleigh design that I felt didn't look cheap.. 

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  • To be honest,I don't remember the name of ours. I bought it on Amazon because it was cheaper there than Target and other places. I chose it based on appearance and that it had good reviews. Plus, I wanted a convertible crib.
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  • We bought ours at at Babies R Us. It is the Baby Cache Montana Crib. I love it! I printed off a coupon for 20% so I felt like we got a pretty good deal.
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  • IKEA - price and smaller size were our big concerns and we are very happy with the Gulliver white crib.
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  • image Tally879:
    We got ours (Graco Lauren) at Walmart.  I decided to opt out of the free mattress because it was only an 80 coil mattress and from what I've read that's not firm enough.


    This exactly! Ended up with a mattress from Target instead. 

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  • jjkayejjkaye
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    Target- we also went with the Graco Lauren. Inexpensive, well reviewed, and I like the look.

    We'd debated a few more expensive options, but decided this will be temporary furniture (that will be beat up and chewed on and moved and bumped) for us, and we'll invest in a nicer set of furniture when he moves into a big boy bed.

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  • kje120kje120
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    We got DS's crib on (baby will use the same one).  We got the Davinci Kalani 4-in-1 convertible crib.
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  • RedDDDRedDDD
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    member of choices, lot of shipping and more options
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  • Amazon.  We got the DaVinci Emily crib.  It was cheaper on Amazon and we have Prime so free 2-day shipping.  
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  • Babies R Us - Summer Infant - Manchester - Dark Cherry.  We purchased them back in...April or May.  I forget which. 

    I loved the whole crib/changer/dresser set and the reviews on it were good.  Also, the price was right since we need two cribs and two dressers.  We bought the full-bed conversion kits at the same time, to avoid having the possibility of them not existing once we actually do need them.

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  • We chose the Alma Bloom crib in coconut bought it at BBB. Call me crazy but the nursery is all white (walls, crib, shelves...) and the colors are going to come from her toys, books, ect....

    We weren't interested in something that turned into a twin bed and we wanted something small.

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  • mcg512mcg512
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    We got ours on sale from a local furniture store.  It was a little pricey but its a 4 in 1 convertible so LO will be using that for many many years.  We also purchased a matching dresser that has an attachable hutch on top.  We will be using the dresser without the hutch as a changing table and then adding the hutch to the top in a couple years.  I didn't mind spending more now to have something that we plan on lasting him for the next 10 years or more.  
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  • I got a Dream on Me convertible crib from Walmart. It was on my registry and my ILs bought it. Great price, easy to assemble, and I liked the style.

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  • We bought our's at JCPenney.  It's the Bedford Monterrey collection. I wanted a sturdy convertible and this one fit that requirement.  I fell in love because the back is almost solid, so it will look awesome as it converts.  I don't like the rails all the way around.
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  • We got ours from  We got the Davinci Kalani 4-in-1 convertible crib.
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