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Doc said it was over, but doesn't seem like it!

I had a blighted ovum measuring only 4mm at my 7 week appt. A few days later I began to miscarry, and it all came to a head in Tuesday. Awful cramps and diarrhea, but mostly I just passed blood and some small clots.
I went to an OB on Wednesday a new guy, as I had been a midwife patient and he checked my cervix and it was closed. He did an ultrasound and said that he didn't see any tissue and that my uterine wall was only 5mm. He said the worst should be over even if I didn't see any tissue come out, it was probably because the sac was so small. All day in Wednesday I was feeling better.
Of course last night and this morning I've had bad cramps and I'm now bleeding fairly heavily and passing clots bigger than before. Was he wrong? Or is this par for the course?



Re: Doc said it was over, but doesn't seem like it!

  • I have no experience, but in your shoes I would definitely call my doctor. I hope everything's ok



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  • I'm so sorry you are going through this. Last Thursday I went to the doctor for bleeding and they confirmed I had miscarried. The doctor never referred to it as a blighted ovum but after researching it myself based on what the doctor and ultrasound tech said I'm sure that's why I had. My bleeding has pretty much stopped except for spotting here and there. The cramping was the worst the first few days and then stopped, but then it came back and had some moderate cramping for a bit longer. I'm still having occasional cramps. My doctor said the bleeding might last as much as two weeks.

    How long total have you been bleeding and how heavy is it? You shouldn't soak through a pad more frequently than every hour.
  • I'd call if I were you. Good luck, I hope you're ok.
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    I wouldn't be worried (unless, as PP mentioned, you're bleeding TOO heavily). I started bleeding on a Tuesday, but it was very light. Because it was bright red and slowly getting heavier, though, I called on Wednesday and got an appointment for Thursday. The u/s didn't show "any evidence of pregnancy" in my uterus, but I kept bleeding for 8 days total. The cramps were worst on Friday night and over the weekend, so my guess is that sometimes nothing is visible for an u/s but hasn't passed yet. The OB I saw didn't check my cervix and wouldn't really tell me what to expect, so I think they just make assumptions and tell you things that they don't always know for sure. Everyone's miscarriage experience is different, so they don't know what yours will be like. So I think your OB was just wrong.


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  • I think your ok as long as your not bleeding too heavily or for too long. MC really wack out your body so i dont think its too suprising you wernt bleeding too much then all the sudden your bleeding again but more. However if you start bleeding too heavily, start to experience anything else that is a red flag like getting dizzy or are passing out, and you dont stay bleeding forever that you should be fine

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