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Draven is here!!!!

Hi ladies! I jumped on real quick while he is off the boob :)  I had my RCS yesterday morning..man, everything happened SO FAST! They took me back 15 minutes earlier than I thought. I was surprisingly chill, had a fantastic nurse! The anesthesiologist came in explaining the spinal and then off we went! I walked to the OR, weird feeling lol! It took them nearly 1/2 hour for the spinal and I thought I was gonna pass out!! One woman tried like 4x and had to get another guy from anesthesia and he had to try 2x before the finally got it in! OMG! They said something about my spine is not where it should be? Well then it dawned on me that I never had the MRI after I was rear ended right before I found out I was pregnant so that could be a reason? After the spinal, my BP went way down a few times and they had to give me about 4 to 6 shots of something to get it back up..its a big blur! But drumroll please...he came into the world at 10:31 weighing a TINY 6 pd. 1 oz and is 19 1/2 inches long! The bluest eyes and the most perfectly round head..Im soo in love with him! DH has been grinning ear to ear and DD is so in love with him and so good with him! When they wheeled us out of the OR into my recovery room, my Mom burst into tears as usual and they got to look at him for a few minutes before they had to go wait while they got us situated etc. DD told Mom that he was so cute she almost cried LOL! I will catch up more in the next few days! I am so happy right now! 
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