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Do you use glass bottles?

I have been using playtex drop-ins since we came home from the hospital, but bought a Lifefactory glass bottle this weekend and just started using it.  DS likes it, and I like it because it doesn't have any small parts - just the bottle and the nipple.  But I am worried about him sucking air.

So I'm just wondering for those of you who use glass bottles, which brand do you like and why?  Did you try any other brands first and if so, how did you make your decision?



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Re: Do you use glass bottles?

  • I use Dr. Browns. They have a slow-flow air regulator thing. We EBF and I am still not back at work so we only pump/bottle feed occasionally. The Dr. Browns have never led to gas or nipple confusion for us. DD has an airy constitution, too!
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  • I use evenflo. They were cheaper and I found them at Target. DD doesn't mind using them so we didn't try anything else. We did have to switch to Dr Brown's premie nipples though. Slow flow was too fast.
  • I haven't been using bottles with #4, but I used Evenflo glass with all of my other babies and loved them.  Never had issues with sucking air. 
  • We use the Evenflo cheap glass bottles and the slow flow nipples that came with them. Never had an issue. We BF, and bottles at daycare only.
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  • When DS was first born, we bought the ready-to-serve formula and it came in 4 -oz glass bottles.  We wound up with dozens of them before switching to concentrate, so we just use those still.  No air problems so far.

  • We also use the cheapy evenflo glass bottles. We use them with Dr. Brown's nipples. No problems with gassiness.
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  • I just use Playtex glass.
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  • We use Dr. Brown's glass with the stage 1 nipple. It has been fine for us. If anything, she tends to be more burpy when we top off her bottles with the RTF Similac Advance.

    Our daycare allows glass, but since DD will be starting there at 7.5 months, we might be on sippys? I am still trying to figure that part out.

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