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4d Ultrasound ?

Are they worth it? I want to see our son so bad since its been 2 months since we have seen him however, is it really worth the money? I feel like I should just wait until September (next time I get to see him) but it seems so far away.

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Re: 4d Ultrasound ?

  • I don't know where you live but in Miami the local community medical campus offers the 4d for 25 dollars. You might want to check your local colleges.
  • I am going for one on Tuesday and I can't wait.  I already went for the gender determination and the 3d/4d was amazing.  It was such a great experience to be able to see the baby's movements so clearly.

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  • I was a little unsure about spending the money and having it done but my hubby really wanted it. So we are having ours done this Saturday. I'm getting more and more excited about seeing her again and seeing her face. I do hope its worth the money and she isn't all squished up like she was at our 20 week apt.

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  • My OB's office does them for $200, but I have looked at other places here that offer different packages starting around $85 that include more than the OB office does.  If it is something you really want to do, shop around and see where you can get the best deals.  I would by no means put yourself in a financial strain to do so but if you have a little extra money go for it.


  • The place we thought about going to is $100 which is actually cheaper than my OB office. I think we will do it. :)

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  • I am having mine done is two weeks at my OB for $125, or so I thought.  PP gave me the idea to call the community college down the road.  I know they have an ultrasound program so maybe they do them on the cheap!  We got feathers put in DD's hair by their cosmetology students for super cheap a few years ago when SHE HAD TO HAVE THEM. 


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  • I think they are def worth it! We had one done at 15 weeks, and have a pretty nice coupon to use here in the next week or so. I think you will love the experience and be glad that you did it!
  • I don't know if I would actually do it if there were places around, but I wish I had the option.

    We saw our baby for the last time at 18 weeks (29 now) and won't see her again until she is born.

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  • We did it with DD1 and are doing it again this Saturday for DD2. I can't wait to compare their ultrasounds to see if they might look anything alike. My parents are also going and its so fun for them. I can't wait to see DD1's reaction to seeing the baby on the screen. It's 100 dollars here, but worth it on my opinion.
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  • We did it a few days ago. It was 60 for us and totally worth it. I feel it gives your S/O a chance to see what's going on because they miss out on a lot of the movement we feel and what not. My husband loved it!

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    I think they are cool, but many medical organizations recommend against them so I won't be getting one. 
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  • We scheduled one for this Saturday and our beyond excited! Our last (first)ultrasound was at 17 weeks and it was just a 2D, so all we saw was her facial straucture, basically. She's been known as Skelly and Alien Baby. LOL!

     Now we'll be able to see the details of her face and hands and all that good cute baby stuff. <3

  • We lucked out and ran into a "July Special" to have 3D/4D done and get a bear with the recording of baby's heartbeat for 69! I am so excited! It is next week and I can barely wait! We didn't do it with DS1 so I am really anxious this time to get it done!
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