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Recurrent ear infections

DD is just over 5 months and yesterday she was diagnosed with her third ear infection in the last 2 months. Our ped put her on a different antibiotic (third one she'll have been on now). He said if she gets one more he'd send us to ENT to talk about tubes. I know things could be a lot worse with my kiddo, but I still feel bad and worry about all these ear infections. Anyone out there with similar issues or with a previous child that got ear tubes? If so, how early did you child get tubes and were they helpful? TIA! 

Re: Recurrent ear infections

  • Tubes were the absolute best thing we ever did for DS1!! His just fell out stayed in for a yr and a half! I won't hesitate to do a second set if he needs them.
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  • My 6 month old just finished her 4th round of antibiotics (4 infections in 6 weeks).  We go in for her 6 month well check on August 2, so I'll know then if the infection is back.  I went ahead and scheduled her ENT appt just in case.  If the infection is back, we will likely get tubes.  My first daughter got tubes at 11 months and never got an infection again.
  • DS1 suffered from multiple ear infections for most of the 1st year of his life.  He would have gotten his tubes earlier but we had a pediatrician switch around 6-7 months of age because we kept getting bumped out of appointments because the doctor was "out of the office".  Once he got his tubes in, 1 month short of his 1st birthday, he didn't get another infection for almost a year and a half, and they said the ear he got the infection in lost the tube.
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