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In an attempt to do some UO's to liven this board up... What are yours?

Mine is I just watched Magic Mike this past week for the first time and I really don't understand the hype all around it. Yes Channing Tatum is hot but I don't like him acting as a male stripper for whatever reason.

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Re: UO

  • My UO: I think it's a tad ridiculous when adults go shopping in their PJ's. It takes a minute to throw on some regular pants!
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    My UO: I think it's a tad ridiculous when adults go shopping in their PJ's. It takes a minute to throw on some regular pants!

    I feel the same way about toddlers walking around in public in their footie pjs. It's fine for newborns but can you put some clothes and shoes on your 2yr old?!

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  • I'm pretty sure that this makes me a snob, but I think that 90% of the people who live in my apartment complex smoke, don't pick up their dog's poo and are just dumb and inconsiderate in general.

    AND, I agree with the Boy Scouts on not letting severely obese kids participate in their big camp. It's not only unsafe for them, but also for the the camp workers and other kids. I think it's being blown WAY out of proportion.


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  • I think some people need to just get over themselves...  Earlier today I had to drop off the cupcakes for DH's Cousin's Kid's wedding (their gift from us)...  While setting them up, I was listening in on a conversation that had my husband as the base of the discussion.  The one guy said "He really doesn't talk much around me, I don't know if he doesn't like me because I'm gay or what"...  To which his coworker said "no, he doesn't talk a lot to anyone."...  (DH until you get to know him, is much like his Dad at work and very focused on the task at hand and not chit-chatting, he was better while we were dating/working there together but apparently has gone back to being that way)...  Never before have I just wanted to go up to the guy and say "Oh, it's not that, <wink> he's just a shy one!"  DH's response was "gay who???" I don't know who/what you're talking about with the "wtf" who cares face ...  Just to have had the courage to do a whole paradigm shift for the bartender - that no one gives a rip about his gayness and he's being treated the same as everyone else (and yes, when he's told that something accounting-wise is changed to the way the corporate office wants it, it's not the messenger's fault!)..
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