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my kid sttn. FINALLY.

I'm way too excited to keep this to myself. It's been since March since we even were down to one wake-up. Then L's sleep when to sh!t. I feel like we have done everything to get her to sttn with no results. It was probably random and won't happen ever again until she's 8 but I'll take it. She also woke up babbling instead of crying, which also hasn't happened since March.

 The only thing I did differently was to really watch her food intake. I even measured out all her servings. It was the last thing to try- upping her caloric intake during the day. And we did some serious snacks... none of this puff business that we've been doing.

That is all. Thanks for letting me be excited. DH is sleeping so I can't go celebrate with him this morning. 



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Re: my kid sttn. FINALLY.

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