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My son is 7 months and has been working on teething for about 2 months now, and 9 times out of 10 he's good, doesn't really bother him too much as long as he has a teething ring or something soft to chew on. i've tried frozen stuff, wet wash cloths etc for that one time that he goes crazy and just freaks. I've read a lot of bad things about teething tablets and i've heard a lot of good things as well. Just wanted to get some insight on what other mother's tried! :) 



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  • I've tried them a couple of times as a first option.  Rarely does that do the trick.  I usually end up resorting to acetaminophen an hour after the tablets.

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  • If its bad I just give her Tylenol. I trust it and know it works. I'd be paranoid she'd have an allergic reaction to some off the wall ingredient. Only because my mom, sisters, and me all have allergies to weird things.

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  • I use Hylands and we really like them. It takes the edge off for him - we just give him one. If it's really, really bad I give him a half dose of tylenol, but I hate to resort to that.
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  • I was going to use Hylands, but got scared off after reading about the recall a year or two ago. Scary stuff. Orajel makes teething tabs that don't have the belladonna in them (the ingrediant that caused the seizures and prompted the recall). We've also used the camilia stuff (sp?)

    But in the end, what worked best for us was Tylenol at night on the worst days and a frozen banana in a mesh feeder or a frozen wash cloth.

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  • We use the Hyland teething tablets. They have worked well for us. He's only had Tylenol twice and has 6 teeth.
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  • I use Hyland's teething tablets. I use to use Tylenol, and it didn't really work for the hardcore teething. The tablets did...weird, but awesome.
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