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Matthew Fitzgerald "Fitzy" arrived!

I had our second boy at 12:14pm on Monday, July 15th. My first son's labor was loooong, this one was only 7 hours start to finish. I woke up at about 5:30am on Monday and went to the bathroom and then had period like cramping. Eventually they became somewhat rhythmic within the hour. Nothing terrible, but about 59 minutes apart. Tried to sleep but only dozed here and there. By 9am they increased to 12 minutes apart and I really couldn't speak through them.
Called my doula, the midwife, my mom. My husband dropped off DS1 at daycare and rushed back. We got in the car and made the 10 minute trek to the hospital at about 10am. Got there, had a contraction getting my bracelet...thought to apologize to a lady in the sitting room. Got on the room and was checked at a 78cm, decided I wanted the shower. Labored in there for awhile when I became too hot so I got out and had a horrible contraction halfway to the bed. I was given a ball to sit on while I leaned on DH physically and emotionally and labored there for what seemed forever but from what I was told, about 20 minutes. I went from 9 to a 10 here and felt the urge to push or throw up...felt odd. I never did throw up but that involuntary feeling was similar. I also screamed that I needed drugs and that I couldn't and wouldn't do it, and that I'd stop myself LOL. Yeah right. The next contraction hit and after that I said I needed help to the bed. Crawled up, laid sideways and braced with all my might to the side bed rail while my best friend who happens to be my doula helped lift my right leg. I pushed a couple times and with the help of the midwife, he slipped on out! What relief! No pain from the time his shoulders were out. He is bigger than our first by nearly 2lbs so I wasn't expecting that. He weighed 8lb12oz and is a little over 20". I surprisingly had no tearing which has made recovery easier.
We were discharged the next day and are enjoying our new family member. Congrats to all the ladies on this board!
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