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Finally rolling

DD finally rolled for the first time last night (back to belly), and now she can't get enough of it! As soon as I lay her down, 2 seconds later she's on her belly. But then she gets mad that she's on her belly and can't get back over. Ugh. So far she hasn't rolled to sleep on her tummy, but I'm curious to see if she will because I'm a tummy sleeper but her dad isn't. Anyone else's LOs still stay in the same position for the most part when they sleep?
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Re: Finally rolling

  • My baby has been rolling for a while, but he still sleeps on his back. Only once did I find him on his side.
  • We were in the same boat when DS started rolling back to belly.  He used to get so mad at being stuck on his belly.  He still gets mad in the daytime during playtime but t night he sleeps on his belly or side.  Both DH and I marvel at the positions he assumes and wonder how he could be comfortable.  Babies are so flexible!

  • Dd is a belly sleeper. She sometimes wakes herself by rolling on her back and flips out because it wakes he up. It is so exciting to see them when they finally roll over. It is like it surprises them!
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