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my turn to be aw (bday planning)

So since the Korean traditions at a 1st birthday party are kind of cool and we're doing the party at a Korean restaurant, I originally thought not to have a theme. But I was looking at S's hanbok (Korean traditional dress) and her onesie with rainbow sprinkles on it and I thought, hey let's do a rainbow theme!

I found an invite I liked on etsy and had my gem of a H make one. Then I found a cake to make and roped my sister into being my sous chef, and some ideas for decorations and party favors. 

Today I found a dress for S that she'll wear before she puts on the hanbok, I'm so excited!! I got it for $14 with shipping from ebay, woo!



And here's the invite. I have of course taken out all the personal info and location. If you really want to come, pm me and let me know, haha.



EEEEE! I'm getting so excited!

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Re: my turn to be aw (bday planning)

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