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Potty mouth toddler

Well, this is a super embarrassing problem. Jack cusses. I don't swear in front of him but DH does. Since he's heard Jack cuss followed by, "my daddy always says that!" He's been watching his potty mouth.

So far, his bad word vocabulary consists of " shiit" and "damnitt".

I kind of feel at a loss with this one. Do I give him a time out? Ignore it? I've been saying, "no no, those are naughty words." He actually uses them appropriately. For example, his Lego tower broke today, he yelled "damnitt" then cried about it. I ignored it that time because I ignore tantrums.

Any advice would greatly be taken when it comes to this.

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Re: Potty mouth toddler

  • DD1 said shiit the other day. I didn't make a big deal out of it but told her it was not a nice word and that nobody, not even grownups, should use it. I haven't heard her say it since.
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  • Penelope's favorite things to say are "Oh shiit!!" and "Thats crap". 

    She says them in context.... but its been a month or so of ignoring and she just keeps going.

    No help from me :/
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  • I would say ignore it and don't acknowledge it as a bad word. Since he is not old enough to understand it.

    Also maybe make a swear jar for your hubby lol it could possibly help ;-)

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  • Hello again! I've been MIA for awhile but I was just coming on here to write a similar post.

    The other day I heard, rapid fire, about 7-8 times, "Oh, s-t," and said to her, "We don't talk like that, those are not nice words." So, I know my MIL curses multiple times daily around her, and that's who watches her while we are working. I told MIL casually, like, "guess what Sarah said today? Well, she didn't hear it from me!" and then I was told how extremely offended she was by that, how immature I was for thinking that way, and she is never going to change, so if I don't like it, then we can find another place to send her. From her grandmother! Now tonight, I was called by my toddler a PITA, to which I replied, "That makes mommy very sad to hear you talk like that." I'm sorry, but I think that's unacceptable. MIL is under the parenting philosophy of "do as I say, not as I do." Well, I'm not going to punish her for just parroting what she hears. I think that's a cop-out way of parenting to have that philosophy. You set an example for your kids, not use your authority to make an excuse to do whatever you want in front of them. We don't usually talk like that at our house, especially thanks to the change jar :) There's a reason why that stuff isn't in kid's songs and movies. And it's not acceptable either for our wishes as parents not to be honored, and I know that we have every right to be upset. It's one thing to slip every once in awhile around kids but to intentionally talk like that, knowing that they parrot everything you say goes against common sense.

    I'm not sure what to do on this one, because this isn't the only offense where she is not honoring our wishes (I think she's under the impression that she's older and wiser and therefore knows best, and DH turned out okay so now it's okay for her to be like that around my kid). I just wish that I could put her in the day care across the street from my office and be done with it. There's just no easy way to fire a MIL.

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  • DD says "oh shitt!" (my fault) and "damn it!" (H's fault). She has said "crap" a time or two but she isn't as fond of that one.

    I'm impressed she doesn't say worst words. I'm terrible when it comes to censoring myself. It's a matter of time before f?ck comes out of her mouth!

  • No bad words from DD yet, but DH has REALLY bad language. DH plays video games so when he dies or something  he strings 5-15 bad words together and yells them really loud. Can't wait for DD to decide to do that. (rolls eyes)
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