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How many words does your 16, 17, or 18 mo old say? My DD is 16.5 months and only says momma, dadda, nana for banana, Ba for barney, and she says what's that while she points. She also babbles a lot. I feel like she should be saying more. Where are your kids at?

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Re: words 16 to 18 months

  • DD didn't have her word explosion until 18 months. She says new words everyday. I think your LO is within the normal range.

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  • DD had a vocab explosion at 16 months then again recently. We counted how many words she says for her 18 month checkupit's about 30. She is stringing together 2 and 3 word sentences. I need milk, I need towel. Dr said she just has a better grasp of talking. I think your LO is right on track
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  • Your little one is well within normal limits. Everyone develops differently :)

    DS's most recent words have been exercise, octagon (? no clue), and Uncle Gun. He gets VERY frustrated when he says a word that we can't understand- it's really sad. Most kids have a language explosion somewhere around 18 months- I am sure your kiddo's isn't going to be far away. I noticed before my son's language skills exploded, he seemed to regress and quiet down quite a bit. He stopped learning new words for a couple of weeks, and it worried me. And then, all of a sudden BAM. 5-10 new words every day for quite a while.  

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  • At 15 months he had about 7, then at 18 months he had about 20. He doesn't use them all the time though, some of them he said once then never repeated. Some he says all the time. He doesn't communicate with us at all really, just motions and cries when he wants something. At 15 months he was not pointing to indicate anything or communicate, but more recently he does. His pedi was concerned with his language development at 15mths, but was satisfied with the progress by 18mths.

    He had a bit of an explosion closer to 18mths, whenever he says a new word it's pretty random. He babbles all the me, constant chatter of whatever sounds he's fixated on at the time (Right now it's B, and B words- like Baby).

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  • At 18 months DS knew 50 words. He didn't start talking at all until 16 months so he caught on quick. 

    At 20 months now I'd say he's not far off from 100. I've been absolutely amazed at his speech progress. At 13 months we actually met with EI b/c we were worried he wasn't talking at all.

    Just goes to show how different all kids develop.  

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  • DS is the same way. We have his 18 month appointment on Friday and I will ask. the pedi wasn't concerned before, but I am. He is good at imitating sounds and asking for what he wants by gestures, but he doesn't SAY things. He talks in a foreign language of some sort though! He is always babbling like he is talking to me, but upset that I don't understand. The only real words he he says are: no, mine, mommy, dada, Abby (dog), Dog, and sometimes he will say Go. He has used a lot of words that he never said again (door, window, bear, bag, ball, wheel). But, he understands instructions. If I give him instructions (let go of that, sit down, etc), he understands and follows them but I wonder if he is just watching my  body language or gestures. I am also going to ask to have his hearing checked.

  • image Kimbus22:
    My kid was about the same as OP's at that age.nbsp; He may have actually been saying less at that point.nbsp; He's almost 2 now and is just starting to talk more in the last couple of weeks.FWIW my best friend is an EI speech pathologist and says my son is completely normal and there's nothing to worry about.

    Pretty much this. Dd had a small handful of words at 18 months and its just starting to pick up.

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  • Aye mine does not say much. I have no clue if it's because they speak mainly spanish at daycare. He only says dada, yes, look, doggy, mama

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  • Nicb13Nicb13
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    Sounds normal. Unless your pedi expresses a concern, I wouldn't worry.

    DS says dada, momma, yes, no, uh oh, hot, duck and doggy. He also makes every animal sound you could imagine. I can tell that DS understands a ton and is very smart so I don't worry that he isn't saying a bunch of words yet. I've realized that kids do things in their own time!


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  • At 18 months DS had 36 words and now seems to be adding a new word every day.  This week he's pulled out bowl, hummus, and bag from nowhere.  He's almost 19 months and seems like he's really into the vocabulary explosion now.  His pedi said he only needed 10 or so words at 18 months and will be putting two words together by 2 years.  DS started doing 2 words together around 17.5 months.  He's been in DC with kids up to 2 years old since he was 3 months and wants to keep up with the big kids so he's a bit ahead in some areas.  

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  • OP, don't worry. DS didn't have very many words at 16 months and now at almost 19 months, has close to 50 and learns new ones every day. 18 months is a prime time for language explosion so give it some time and see what happens.

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