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I HATE being home alone! I am the worst at it!

I get bored n lonely easily!

DH is gone til Saturday, which means LO n I are on our own! What are we going to do for 3 whole days!? Lol

I do make YouTube videos and have a small following, so I plan on uploading her 16th week of life video and making "a day in the life with a 3 month old" especially because a year ago tomorrow I got my BFP, so its fitting.

But other than that...I sit n get depressed that there is nothing to occupy us! I sound like such mope, but as I said... I suck at being home alone.

Can't go anywhere either... Streets are being redone and can't drive my car out til Friday.... Meh :/
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Re: Alone

  • I felt that way with DS 4 years ago but am enjoying my time home with DD.  The second is easier b/c they love watching the older one play!!!
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  • When my older kids were young (ds1 was about 18months-Kindergarten aged and dd was in elementary school) I was a sahm and when my ex would go tdy we'd party - literally.

    I wouldn't worry about housework, except what was necessary for health and safety, until about 12 hours before ex returned and we would do things like pop popcorn and bring all the pillows and blankets into the livingroom and watch Disney movies and munch popcorn for hours.  Now, that my older two are grown, it is interesting how they love to remember those days and how much fun they were.

    Now, I'm a sahm (at least temporarily) with my 4 month old....I have to admit, it is harder to do things with a baby than it was a toddler - school aged child as a sahm mom.

    Ideas to keep yourself occupied: bake cookies -- this would be the perfect time to try baking a cookie recipe that you have never tried before -- if they don't turn out there's no one to know and you can get rid of the evidence. 

    Bake or buy plain cupcakes and practice cake decorating skills to prepare for LO's birthday cakes.  Again no one to judge and you can eat the evidence if necessary.

    Scrapbook or other crafts. - Digital scrapbooking can be just as fun as regular scrapbooking but without all the mess to clean up.


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