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No, this was not meant for the 2014 board.  And no, I'm not pregnant yet.

 I just ordered some prenatals for my next pregnancy when I found a good deal on them.  I was really excited because I thought I was paying $14.99 for a 3 month supply.  So I bought 3 bottles, to get me through an entire pregnancy.  Well, they came today and I was looking at the vitamin amounts and found the directions... I'm supposed to take 3 of the pills every day!!  (the DHA is already in the pill) 

So really, I only bought a 3 month supply.  I'm not so excited now... especially about the 3 pill thing.

What would you do?  Keep them or get others?  What were your prenatals like? (1 pill, 2 pills, gummy, powder etc.)


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Re: Prenatals

  • I have issues with vitamins and my tummy. I started taking the gummies but ended up with Flintstones.
  • I took the target gummies

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  • I took 1 huge prenatal vitamin a day, plus a separate DHA pill. I also took extra folic acid and iron at different times during my pregnancy.
    I would use the ones you have. What else would you do with them?
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  • image kelliejo74:
    I have issues with vitamins and my tummy. I started taking the gummies but ended up with Flintstones.

    This is what I had to do! Except i was taking regular pills, Vitafol OB. I was getting so mich iron in my regular diet that the extra iron in prenatals was making me sick. But Flintstone sour gummies are so good!!!

  • I get my prenatal vitamins free from Walmart. I've been taking them as a daily vitamin for years because they are free. My dr loves the fact that i am proactive and prepared for pregnancy with the folic acid, even when i want look ing to get pregnant. One pill reach day.
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  • Well that stinks. I took only one pill per day that included dha. I would use the though. What else would you do with them?
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    Prenatals made me so sick. I did okay on the target gummies. I'm currently taking the cvs gummies while nursing and try are super yummy. Not important part, but it's nice looking forward to taking your pills




  • I'm taking the Target non-gummies. They're 1/day and you get 100 for $4.50.
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  • Are they the rainbow light prenatals? I did the same thing. They're also really gentle on the stomach because of the digestive enzymes in them. I liked them because they're food based. Personally, I would take them.
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