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Give me the inside scoop on inserts

All of my pockets have come with MF inserts. I know they arent everyone's favorites. Do you ever use the MF inserts or do you all toss them in lieu of bamboo or hemp inserts. Do you use the hemp/bamboo by themselves or as doublers? Fill me in!

Re: Give me the inside scoop on inserts

  • I use 1 MF insert during the day, then a BG 4.0 with the newborn MF insert plus a thirsties hemp. Hemp isn't the best alone bc it absorbs slowly and could cause leaks. I do love bamboo, but nt ready to fully upgrade for a bunch of inserts yet
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  • Like PP said
    I use 1 MF insert with 1 bamboo insert
    Layered so that MF is closest to LOs skin
    MF absorbs more quickly

    I also have charcoal bamboo inserts that I absolutely love
    They hold a ton and they're apparently good for diaper rashes
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  • We used mf pretty much exclusively until a couple of months ago when it was getting way too bulky to double stuff them to cope with crazy toddler pee. So now we do a thin mf insert (BG newborn insert) couple with a bamboo insert (Alva 3 layer bamboo) in DD's pockets for daycare. I replace the bamboo with hemp for her first diaper of the day since she usually floods it. 

    The pros to mf is that it absorbs really fast and also dries pretty fast vs bamboo & hemp which tends to dry more slowly. Also I love how squishy mf feels in pockets - hemp or bamboo can quickly get stiff and heavy when wet.  

  • I hated the bulkiness of microfiber, so I bought Alva blend and bamboo inserts to use instead. I bought hemp for overnight, which I combine with the bamboo.
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