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Non baby dilemma

So I work for an airline and I get good discounts. My best friend is having a destination wedding in a year. I always assumed I would be booking discounted rates for us. She has a group rate and has now said she kinda wants all the bridal party, I am MOH, to travel together. However she also said she understood why we would want to save money and fly my airline. She seemed a little funny though. Here's my reasoning for booking the cheaper tickets, with my airline I can book an extra seat for the baby since she will be a year and a half and probably pretty wiggly. Also it is much cheaper and with a year of mat leave we have to watch costs. Finally we are asking my sister to come down to etch mine and the brides babies throughout the week and the night if the wedding. I have booked my sister on my airline since that was the cheapest option. I woul like to fly with my sister since she is taking a week off work and away from her kids to help us out, yes she gets a free trip but originally she offered to pay so she is doing this as a favour. What do you ladies think? Am I rude to ask to fly on a separate flight? I don't want to upset her but it's getting time to book and I think I need to finalize this with her. Feel free to flame me if I am totally being a bad MOH.

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