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Questions on Burping and Spit Up

Hi Ladies :)

I have two questions for you:

1. When did you stop (if you did) burping your LO?

2. When does the spitting up stop? My DD is 5 months and still spits. The pedi says completely normal, but I say it's starting to get completely annoying. Smile Just a small vent there since I just had to change my shirt. All is good in the world of spit.


Re: Questions on Burping and Spit Up

  • My baby doesn't spit up...ever. But its strictly because of the formula she's on. Its awesome; but the burping is some we rarely do all of the sudden. I've been told 6 months is an appropriate age, but she does it on her own occasionally, it seems when try we get nothing. So as long as she is not uncomfortable I'm not too worried. Just at the end of feedings now, to answer your question!!
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  • Are there really babies out there who don't need to be burped?  My Lo is 5 months and EBF and I HAVE to burp after every feeding or it is a major problem.  I am assuming this will continue as long as I am breast feeding which is hopefully going to be a year.
  • I haven't stopped burping LO yet, but she is one of the youngest on this board too. I'm sure it will be something you gradually stop doing without really realizing it. With DD1 it was gradual until one day I realized I hadn't been burping her for a while.

    With regard to the spit up it depends on the baby. DD1 didn't stop until she was about a year old, but I've heard of others that stop WAY before then. Hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones!

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  • I've heard burping isn't as needed when the baby is more mobile because they work it out themselves.

    And my pedi said usually babies can spit up till 9 months. Obviously some before and some after
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  • I can count on one hand how many times E has "spit up" (which is just a tiny amount, so it barely counts to me). And we stopped burping him maybe about a month ago I think. He burps on his own now. 

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    Dd is still spitting up and we don't burp because it seems to encourage the spitting up. She doesn't seem to gassy anymore like she did as a newborn




  • I haven't burped DD in weeks but she also doesn't spit up. I make sure she sits up after feedings for 15 minutes or so though.
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