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Update: Prayers for EMLYNNLERETTE

I don't have a lot of info right now, but she's in need of prayers for her and her baby, baby is not moving.

Update: So as you know she's been monitored for PreE recently, but had been able to lower her BP and she stopped spilling protein in her urine. Yesterday she had a checkup and her BP was high again and she spilled some protein, but not a ton, but baby had a good heart rate, although for the last 3 days she has noticed decreased movement.

She has not been able to get baby to move at all today, even after lots of cold juice and rest, so they are stuck in traffic on their way to the ER right now. She is also concerned because she is having a lot of low back pain and feels some uncomfortable pressure.

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Re: Update: Prayers for EMLYNNLERETTE

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