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Is it a full moon?? Crazy people!

Today I have had nothing but crazy people come into my office!? Maybe I'm just noticing them more because I'm pregnant? But sheesh, I should get paid double for this!

Door #1:  Older women needs help and want's me to just "do it for her" as she smacks her gum in my face... I'm very busy and offer to set her up on the program and check in on her (the normal and suitable answer) or make her a more hands on appointment in the future. Neither is a good option and she storms out & slams the door. And comes back later demanding an appointment today... the soonest I have (because we're legit swamped) is Friday... repeats previous tantrum and leaves

Door #2: Middle age women can't "click a mouse" I offer to assist her and it upsets her because I'm "calling her stupid" I apologize if I've offended her and reassure her i'm just trying to show her so she'll be more "confident with computers" and I'm now an "overpaid cow" ok...

Door #3: Man needs to use our client phone. I show him how to dial out, and he precedes to call a partnering agency and answers their question with "the black lady here" umm well this awkward. Then he begins to cough on the phone, wipe some snot on his hand and cough some more. Then says, "hey lady they wanna talk to you" and passes me the phone... I reluctantly take the phone but wipe it down with lysol...He replies "oh geez thanks!" I tell him that I just have a thing about germs...(Rude? maybe. but my health comes first)

Door #4: Women comes in, asked to "just hang out" in our facility. It's hot & she's known to be homeless at times, I felt bad but I told her she'd need to be working on something related to what we offer. (she's a known unstable women who steals and causes a scene) She agrees and I nicely show her to a work station... Hours later she leaves... but not before peeing & soaking our upholstered chair... hello dumpster...  

And my list of crazies goes on and on!!! Sorry for the huge post, but a womens gotta vent!! 

Re: Is it a full moon?? Crazy people!

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