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Another annoying question I'm asked

Another annoying question I'm asked

"Is he excited?" People ask in reference to dh. What do they think I'm going to say? "No dh is miserable" ??! These are people who know me and who know I'm happily married and wanted a family. Maybe I'm just being a beotch but I feel like this is right up there with the question "was this pregnancy planned?"

So annoyed.
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Re: Another annoying question I'm asked

  • Haha! I get the same one! Really what do they think we're gonna say!?!? Although maybe i'll start replying with "It's our 3rd, he has no choice" haha Or wait until they say something about loosing weight and ask the same question, is he excited? Some people!
  • I get its just small talk but c'mon! Think of a better question.
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  • LOL - H has gotten that one too! I used to work with H, now I work for a company that he works closely with. He buys from us. All of his coworkers know me and all of mine know him. When he told his coworkers that I was pregnant, they asked him if he was happy. WTF? He is very happy, but even if he wasn't, what is he supposed to say? And my coworkers tell me that it is so cute that my H is happy about the pregnancy. Um, ok. I guess nobody thinks things are planned anymore. If he wasn't going to be happy about it, I am pretty sure he wouldn't have been so actively trying to make a baby with me.

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  • I would be just as annoyed, but luckily I haven't been asked that question... yet. So far my top question asked is, "it it a boy or girl" "what names do you have picked out" and I don't even know what I'm having yet!! Chill out people! Ugh.
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  • Klassy. "No DH is at the end of his miserable rope because of this pregnancy..." Lol. The one I'm getting is right after I say, "Yes we found out it's a girl!" They ask, "Oh... is DH excited?" Ummmm... yeah. He was before and still is. We're rather ecstatic, I'd say.
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  • mZitomZito
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    Lol, I'm not sure what people are thinking when they ask that. We're having another girl and I get asked if DH is happy about it since its not going to be a boy.
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