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For any other parents out there who work f/t or p/t and are putting your child in day care, what are your thoughts on the Montessori schools? I am undecided when it comes to that, a public day care or a family day care. I know all are different and offer different types of care but is the Montessori school worth the price? What are the pros/cons you have experienced?  Thanks!

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  • We just put DS into a Montessori.  DD went to one for a year before the commute (40 minutes the wrong way) became too much.  I already really like it; the things I saw that I really liked were the structure, the free play, the encouragement of exploration (not just play or rote activities) and the way the child is really addressed as a little person - not just another child to care for - they really work to encourage each child to blossom if they follow a genuine Mont. curriculum.
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  • SoMoNYSoMoNY
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    It seems every location is different.

    Our son went to Montessori from 20-28 months till he was old enough to go to school he is now in and while we liked it we weren't thrilled that she grouped 2.5 - 5.5 year olds together in one room.  Our son is a little timid when around groups and we didn't want the constant presence of bigger and faster kids to scare him.

    Do you have a Kumon school close by, I hear they are even better than Montessori from so many people but our closest one is 30 min away.

  • We do Montessori and really like it. The reason for the older kids and younger ones together is because a part of the Montessori learning process includes a requirement to master a skill is being able to teach someone the skill you've mastered, typically a younger child.  being able to communicate and model it.

    I definitely think it's not for every child, becuase every child learns in their own way.  I used to tutor k-collegei n math and I would make sure verbalize, write, and use manipulatives because people in general learn better in various ways.

    Same goes for this environment.  In the classroom it is independent learning. The child learns at their own pace.

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  • We had DD in a Montessori for her first year of preschool.  I liked the mixed-age classrooms (it was the only time DD will ever get to be the youngest in her class, since her birthday is 3 weeks past the school year cutoff) and how the kids could explore learning at their own pace.  Unfortunately, we were at a school with an obnoxiously rigid director who only considered a very narrow range of behavior to be "normal," and who really cut off parents' contact from both the classroom and the teachers, so we left because of her.  As with many things, any one school or daycare isn't necessarily going to be the same as others of the same type.  We also had a very good experience with an in-home daycare when DD was an infant/toddler and only left there to get her some interaction with more kids her own age.

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  • SoMoNYSoMoNY
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    When I sat in on the 3-5.5 class all i saw was 5 year olds running over the 3 year olds.

    His current school is set up like a real school - had to be 2 by 12/1 to get into the grade while those turning 3/4/5 by 12/1 have their own classes. 

  • Love our Montessori! It is so much more structured than a typical daycare and my boys thrive in that type of setting. They really teach respect for everyone and after having my kids at a daycare for just a few months we went back to a Montessori and everyone is so much happier
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    Ditto pp, my girlfriend has had some issues with older children pushing their weight around with the younger ones.

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  • emordaemorda
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    Thank you! I have heard great things but I also want to hear the negative aspects that anyone has encountered, if any. I also wanted to get an idea if the cost was worth the benefit. I am going to put lo in a home day care but then switch as soon as I can (age) and experience it for myself. It seems to do well for many. I will also look into Kumon ? thank you for that!

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