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How many of us ended up having a C-section so far?

Hey everyone!!! Congrats to the new mamas!!! I had my baby July 11 @ 4:37 am. I was glad to have him out! But after pushing for 45 minutes my dr. Said my baby's heart rate dropped when I pushed. And even though you could see the top of his head and I felt like he was almost out. I was rolled away for a C-section. Baby Brian weighted 6 lbs 14 oz and is cute as a button. 


Does anyone think their doctor was scalpel happy? I thought I was almost finished pushing and so did the nurse. Anyone else wonder what happened to their vaginal delivery plan?  

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Re: How many of us ended up having a C-section so far?

  • I'm so grateful for my scalpel happy doc. My care was transferred from my MW to an OB I was on day 4 of being induced and every doctor I saw wanted to try pitocin to get labor going (cervidil wasn't working, gels weren't working and my cervix was closed) My MW told me that the chance of pitocin working when my cervix wasn't favorable was low, but the chance of my baby going into distress was high (he already had some not so great NST's)

    I wanted to avoid days more of drugs and go straight for a c section. We got a doctor who thought my baby was 'too big'  and I was too short to have a natural delivery any way and we got our c section. She had different reasons for doing it than we did. But I'm glad it was done... Well I'm glad it was done sooner rather than later, but I'm super jealous of everyone's vaginal deliveries (extra jealous if it was natural)


  • Congrats on your LO. Haven't had my baby yet but 45 minutes of pushing isn't very long, average pushing time for a FTM is 2 hours. OB doctors do face a lot of malpractice suits so many of them
    don't like to take chances if baby seems to be in distress. Baby probably could have come on it's own but I'm not a doctor.
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  • After 17 hours of labor and two hours of pushing, I ended up with a C-section. I don't feel like my doctor was scalpel happy - I think she gave me every chance to deliver on my own but my body just wasn't having it. In the end, I have my healthy baby boy and that's all that matters to me now.
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  • I ended up with an unexpected c-section.  I went into the hospital at 5 cm and 90% effaced.  Four hours later, I was ready to go...and I pushed for over 2.5 hours.  I felt like my doctor gave me every opportunity but LO was stuck.  I don't feel bad at all for not being able to deliver vaginally.  I tried and there was no way it was going to happen without injuring the baby.  Every time  I would push, her heart rate would drop.  When they took her out, her head had coned way left and her little ear was all smushed up from being pushed against my pelvis.  I think that the doctor was worried that I would take it personally and kept telling me what a good job I had done, that I had pushed well, but she just wasn't budging. 

    I may be a FTM, but 45 minutes doesn't seem like very long.  Were there other factors?  Drop in heart rate, high blood pressure, etc.?

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  • I've had 2 csections now and I firmly believe that each of them was in my sweet baby's best interest. DD1 was footling breech and DD2 was posterior, potential vbac and GBS positive.
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  • I had an unexpected c-section too, but don't think my dr was scalpel happy at all. I was induced and in labor from midnight to 7 pm before my dr and nurse decided that I wasn't progressing past 7 cm, and baby wouldn't shift positions. For me, it just wasn't going to happen naturally. My dr knew it was something I wanted to avoid, and so I think that's why she let me go for 4 hours without any progression.


  • I had a C-section b/c DS was very small and my OB didn't think he would tolerate labor very well.  He ended up being even smaller than estimated, and I know she made the right suggestion and that I made the right choice.  Whatever gets your baby here healthy and happy is all that matters IMO.  I never thought twice about my "plan".

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  • I did - baby was breech and ecv failed to flip her. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought!
  • I had an unplanned section. i delivered my first vaginally in undet 5 hours so it never crossed my mind I would have an issue with DS.  i was induced due to chronic hypertension....after they broke my water I quckly got to 10 cm.  DS was high though, due to my polyhydraminos and was posterior. We tried everything and I pushed for 2 hours and he didnt budge.  I was literally begging for a section.  As it turns out my OB also thinks he was just too large for me.

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