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I had an appointment for my first ultra sound on 07/1/13, my LMC was 5/26. The tech said it was a bit early and it was just a empty sac. The doctor did not take any blood pregnancy tests or test my hcg levels. Instead she had me come back in two weeks, which was today 07/17/13. I had my second ultra sound and all we saw was a empty sac, it grew and she said it measured about 7 weeks. As soon as I saw that empty sac and I knew something was wrong.


I met with the doctor and she said that there was no embryo and the reasoning was that the chromosomes did produce. She suggested that I get a D and C done.  Part of me wants to accept that this pregnancy is over but after reading all these post online that give some hope, I'm not sure what to do.

I did not have any spotting during these 7 weeks, I did have stomach cramps and back pain and a low grade fever. She wants me to come in on Friday for the D and C. I don't know if I should wait or what I should do. I am having some cramps now.


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  • Hi, I am so sorry you are going thru this.  I would ask for bloodwork to check your HCG's.  I just had a D&C last Friday from a blighted ovum.  Empty sac and we never saw the embryo.  I had three ultrasounds to confirm that it wasnt growing and we checked my HCG's three times as well.  HCG was rising which was frustrating but I ended up having the D&C. I am so so sorry you have to deal with this.  it sucks
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    Hi, I am so sorry you are going thru this.nbsp; I would ask for bloodwork to check your HCG's.nbsp; I just had a Damp;C last Friday from a blighted ovum.nbsp; Empty sac and we never saw the embryo.nbsp; I had three ultrasounds to confirm that it wasnt growing and we checked my HCG's three times as well.nbsp; HCG was rising which was frustrating but I ended up having the Damp;C. I am so so sorry you have to deal with this.nbsp; it sucks

    Wow, I feel like I wrote this post. This is my exact situation. Only I did have bleeding very early in my pregnancy, so they didn't officially diagnose me with a blighted ovum. They said it could have been a missed miscarriage.

    OP, I'm very sorry you are going through this. It isn't impossible for you to eventually see an embryo, but at this point it also isn't likely. I would recommend checking your levels for sure. It may also be a good idea to go for one more ultrasound. I had my last one at 9 weeks before my D and C.

    Good luck to you and let me know if you have any other questions.

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  • I am so sorry that you are going through this.  If you are having any doubts what-so-ever it's probably a good idea to have your HCG levels checked (to see if they are dropping) and/or request another ultrasound.

    Is your doctor worried about an infection b/c of the fever?  If not, you might be able to wait a little while to see if things pass on their own before moving to a D&C.  I'm waiting to miscarry right now, but my midwives told me that if it takes more than 2 weeks more, or if I develop signs of infection, I will need a D&C.  It's a personal decision, though.

    Take care of yourself during this difficult time.



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  • I had a missed miscarriage with my twins and not a blighted ovum but I had three separate ultrasounds to confirm they had stopped progressing and was offered a fourth before making the decision to have a DC. Don't do anything you aren't ready for unless there's concerns due to the fever. Otherwise request another ultrasound and have your hcgs monitored like the other ladies have said. You might feel more secure in your decision after several ultrasounds all sayin the same thing. I became more comfortable with the idea after several ultrasounds showing the had passed despite the fact my hcgs continued to slowly rise.

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  • I am so sorry for what you are going through. I suggest doing whatever will give you peace of mind. The risk in waiting would be that you may begin to mc naturally which could be painful physically and emotionally - though many women prefer it and it gives them more closure. If you get scheduled Friday there is still time to draw an HCG level - maybe they could offer you that? I went in for my DC this morning - I had not been bleeding or anything, just some cramping and it made me think "could this be a mistake? i should be bleeding by now right?" I asked, and they did an ultrasound in the pre-op room for me so I could feel more certain and that was very helpful for me going forward. So I highly suggest doing whatever eases your mind. 

    Best of luck with your decision. Thoughts and Prayers! 

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  • Oh gosh, I am so sorry. :( That would be such a tough thing to do, I can't imagine having to make that decision. :( Good luck!
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