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fifth disease

I just got a phone call that I may have been exposed to fifth disease from a little boy attending a baby shower I went to on Sunday. CDC website says that it's transmitted through saliva and nasal secretions, but can be passed through the placenta as well, so there is a chance the baby could be affected, but less issues occur after 1st trimester. I'm waiting to hear back from my provider, the nurse on the call line did say I would need a blood draw to test for it. 

 Has anybody had any experience with this? 

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Re: fifth disease

  • Did he kiss on you or wipe snot on you??
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  • I just went through this with family members (niece and nephews) who had it. I was exposed to them before they broke out in the rash--so basically during the contagious time.

    I called my OB who had me come in for a blood test. From the blood test they can tell if you've ever had it or not. They're repeating the blood test 4 weeks from the 1st one too. ETA--I was negative for it and have never had it. So that's why they're repeating the blood test...just to make sure it I didnt get it.

    I'd call and tell them. At this point it's not likely that it would affect the baby, but Better safe than sorry. 

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    Did he kiss on you or wipe snot on you??


    No. In fact, I was nowhere near him. I really don't think I have anything to worry about, but better safe than sorry- you know? 

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  • I had it when I was in high school. For me, I got little red bumps one day when I went from an extremely hot to cold place; it was over the summer, so hot Virginia summer AC= red dots. That's really all I remember about it, and it wasn't that big of a issue. But, I'd definitely talk to your doctor about it since your pregnant. I know it's in the same family as chicken pocks, but at least in my experience wasn't nearly as bad. No itching...just tiny dots.

    Hope this helps!
  • Wait so fifth disease is little red bumps right? Do they itch at all? Do they go away?


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  • For me, they didn't itch at all. Just small, red bumps that formed into a rash. It went away, and I never had it come back again.
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    Wait so fifth disease is little red bumps right? Do they itch at all? Do they go away?

    yeah for kids it's no big deal. just a rash.  for fetus it can be not so great. 

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  • Common child hood illness, simple parvovirus blood test results in about 48hours
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  • anskipanskip
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    It came up in my initial bloodwork which means I wa exposed to it at some point. I teach young ones, which is why they included it in my bloodwork. My dr told me that since O had already had it, I was immune from it and would pass that on to my little lady.

    GL!! Hope you didn't catch it!
  • I was exposed to it at 12 weeks by one of my students. I called the dr and was told I they would draw blood if I wanted them to. I went to get the bloodwork even though I was sure I had it as a child. The results came back that I had no sign of exposure by the student and was immune from when I had it before. I was with this student multiple days in the contagious stage. I am sure your bloodwork will be negative, but the peace of mind is great.
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