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NWMR: I hit something with my brand new car!

I just need sympathy. We bought a brand new car just over a week ago. Today I was pulling into the very narrow alley that leads to our parking lot and there was someone walking in the alley that I couldn't see before the turn. Before I could even think I cut the wheel to the side and scraped the side of the car against a brick wall that was sticking out. Ugh! It's scraped badly and there is one small dent. I'm sure insurance will cover it with a $500 deductible. The scratches are on the sliding door and rear quarter panel and some are really deep so I'm guessing it will be worth an insurance claim. I am so sad and upset with myself!

I'm at work so I haven't cried about it but I think I will when I get home. DH is running a big training program today that he's spent weeks prepping so I'm not telling him until tonight.

I really need half a bottle of wine right now but I'm 33 weeks pregnant. Any other suggestions to drown my sorrows? 

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Re: NWMR: I hit something with my brand new car!

  • That sucks! Sorry.


  • That sucks.  I did something similar with my last new car, but I DID cry at work.  In front of my boss.  He was really nice to me for the next few months because he was probably terrified of making me cry again.
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  • I would get an estimate before you go through the insurance company.  From they type of impact you describe, I don't think it would be more than $750, etc. and could be much less.  You might be surprised.  You might just want to pay out of pocked versus filing a claim also as filing a claim could effect your future premiums.  I used to work in auto claims after college so I have some experience in this LOL.

     I would go get a mani/pedi or facial to feel better!!  Good luck.

    P.S. If it makes you feel better, I scraped my SUV last week at the Dunkin Donuts drive through!!  Talk about feeling like an idiot!!! 

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  • Yeah, I totally did something similar in my first tri.  Ended up balling like a small child when I had to tell DH.  He was so shocked I was so upset by it he didn't really get angry.  We still haven't gotten it fixed as we were quoted something like $1,000 or more to fix it, but it also wasn't a new car.  

    Sorry you're having to deal with it! 

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  • Oh, I'm so sorry! That sucks!!! Good for you for not hitting the person, though. :(

    Maybe a big root beer float or something? An ice cream treat and a nice nap?

    Also, I always like the "five years" trick: will this matter in five years? Nope!  

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  • It's an expensive an obnoxious problem, but before long ore long you'll forget entirely. Just remember, at least you didn't hit the person.. Definitely made the right choice there!
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  • Thanks everyone! I had a dr appt today at 3 so I just left for the day at that point. I got an estimate from a random nearby body shop I found on yelp and it was 2,000. I'm going to the dealer's preferred body shop Friday afternoon so we'll see if it's different. Still nervously waiting for DH to finish his training and call me. I had to text the neighbors and tell them not to call or text him if they saw the damage on their way home and thought it happened while the van was parked out front! I don't want him to find out that way!

    I'm also eating Belgian chocolate that a friend just brought back from a business trip!
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  • image Karla CS:
    It's an expensive an obnoxious problem, but before long ore long you'll forget entirely. Just remember, at least you didn't hit the person.. Definitely made the right choice there!

    This is true. I know people walk down that alley but it's rare and I really didn't see her until the last second. She actually apologized to me but it was obviously not her fault. It's just a tight squeeze into that parking lot and not a safe place to walk.
    DS: 2/17/11          DD: 9/4/13
  • I backed into my house with my 6-month old car.  We have a really narrow driveway and I was still getting used to driving a compact SUV.  Add in early morning light and my mind on making sure I had everything for daycare = big dent in the car and siding damage.

    My Dad told me when we were little (our house had a garage with two separate doors) he walked in the one and backed the car out of the other - except the one he backed out of was not open.  Whoops.  Our financial planner said she backed into her nanny's car when she was a new mom.  Double whoops.

    Definitely could happen to anybody. 

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    Both of our cars were bought brand-new by me and I jacked up the gas tank door on both of them pretty early on. One I backed out of my garage not knowing it was open (pass. side of car) and bent it backwards. The other I bumped into while I was putting the nozzle away at the gas station. We will probably only be able to afford used next time, so we'll see if the curse is dependent on the newness of the car.

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