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Birth control talk

Since there is a thread about Paraguard, I wanted to know who is on Mirena. I hate mine and have stated that before BUT I want to see what others think about theirs? I don't get a period anymore which is kind of nice and not thinking about taking a pill is nice but there are cons too.....
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Re: Birth control talk

  • Why don't you like it? I don't have it but was contemplating it. I'd love to not have a period but I'm sure I still would!
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  • The not having a period is nice, but it made me gain weight a decent amount to be honest and I always feel bloated which sucks.
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    I gained weight, and spotted for 9 months every single day. No period, but with spotting everyday I would rather have a period than that. Some people love them, I hated mine! I do the minipill when nursing, and nuva ring when not. I love the nuva ring! I have tried many different forms of bc and it is my favorite. I have tried, ortho tricyclen, the sponge, diaphragm, mirena, the patch, and seasonique.
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  • I had Mirena for like 10 mints after DS1 was born and didn't have any issues. I was BFing and did not get my period until I had it removed and stopped nursing DS1 at 14 months.

    This time around was a miserable experience. My IUD actually slipped out of my cervix and into my abdominal cavity. It was mixed in with my intestines and had to be surgically removed. I know cases like mine are rare, but I will never get an IUD ever again and I tell all of my friends to not get one as well.
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