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Small babies out there?

I know there was a post about people that have big babies - but does anyone have a small baby?

 My baby is in the 24th percentile for weight, a friend of mine had her baby 6 weeks after me and he already has 2 lbs on mine.

Makes me worry that he doesn't eat enough, but the doctor didn't mention it was a problem.. 

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Re: Small babies out there?

  • At my LO 2 week appt he was in the 16 precentile for weight , 27 for height and 75 for his head! My pedi wasn't concerned, just made jokes about how he is finally on the charts! I do wonder if I will see a big weight increase when he is on all formula.
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    I've also worried about how much my LO is eating. That's the hardest part of BF...not knowing how much she's getting. I try to tell myself that if she was hungry then she would let me know. Right? My pedi told me that most BF babies gain good for the first two months and then slow down and tend to be leaner then FF babies since BM is natural and easily absorbed into system. Not sure if that's right. But you are not alone in worrying. I think being a mommy means you worry about everything.
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  • My son was 24% for weight, 70% for length, 95% for head size..at the 2 month appointment. I believe that switching to just formula and his constant eating... he is now give or take in the 40% range for weight according to the WHO chart. Length and head size are constant.
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  • My sister's now 14 months old has always been in the 6th percentile. She is healthy and has no issues! She is just a skinny bean!
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    My kids are both small. DS has been consistently below 20th percentile for weight and over 90 for length. At almost two, I can tell you he eats plenty! DD is mid 20s for weight and 30s for length. Pedi said as long as their growth remains consistent along the curve, nothing to worry about. Someone has to be in the 1st percentile, just like someone has to be the 99th!
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  • My LO is only like in the 10 percentile for weight. My pedi does not seem worried at all and he has gained at each appointment so I'm not super worried. He is bf. I know he eats because he takes 4 oz bottles while I'm at work. I use to be nervous because everyone else has these big babies but I now know he is just a little peanut. He is really healthy my pedi says so I try not to worry
  • At our appointment last week, the pedi said LO is in the 15th percentile for weight and something like the 70th for height. Which she said is fine. We are EBFing. And I don't get it because DH and I are not small people... But we had a teeny little 5 pound baby! Oh well, she's perfectly healthy so I'm not worried.
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  • Mine is 10th percentile for weight and 95th for height. She's been staying perfectly on both curves; she just has a naturally thin frame. She's right around 11.5 lbs and 25.5" at 3.5 months.
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  • My LO is in the 25th percentile for weight, 95th for height, and 50th for head. My Pedi isn't concerned at all. It's just that he's a tall boy for now!

  • Both of mine are really tiny! DD1 was born in the 80th percentile and is now, at 2 years old, less than the 10th percentile. DD2 is right around the 20th percentile, give or take. They both eat just fine and go through plenty of dirty diapers! Some kids are just simply smaller.

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