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NT Scan No Doctor

I am scheduled to have my NT scan this Friday at 13 weeks, 2 days and was just told my doctor won't be in the office so I'll have another appointment Monday for a regulator checkup. Does this mean I won't know any odds/numbers until Monday now?  Just wondering in other peoples experiences whether it was the doctor or the nursing staff who gave you your information after the scan.  Thanks!!
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Re: NT Scan No Doctor

  • I did not have an appointment after my NT scan.  The nurse called me about a week later to tell me the results. 

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  • I did have an appointment with my doctor after but we didn't discuss the nt results. She said that she doesn't get them until the end of the day anyway.

    The tech told me that everything looked great and about a week later we got the results over the phone from a nurse.


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  • Our NT scan was the ultrasound plus blood work and was called first trimester screening by the practice. The ultrasound tech took some pictures and ran some measurements. She showed everything to the doc who then came in and wanted to take his own look at things. Based on what the tech said, it was pretty standard for this doc to go this route while most docs would review the tech's pictures later. I liked his approach though. Both the tech and doc indicated everything on the scan looked normal but the blood work would give us our odds. The blood work was back within 4 days and we could not have asked for better results.
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  • I'm curious about this, too.  I have my NT scan tomorrow at one office, then I have an appointment with my OB at her office.  I had my A/S with DD at the same office where I'm getting my NT scan, and the ultrasound tech told me everything she was seeing while doing the A/S--I didn't have to wait until my next appointment with my OB.  I wonder if the same thing will happen tomorrow, or if they'll fax the results to my OB in time for her to talk to me tomorrow.

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    I was told AT the scan that the sonogram portion was normal, but that's because the doctor was there.  The sonogram technician who took the measurements could only tell me that the baby had 4 limbs, a heartbeat, and a skull.  

    I got a call from a nurse a week later that the blood portion was normal.

  • I just had mine this morning.  The doctor told me that the scan was fine and that I'll have the results of the blood work next week.
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  • Sounds like each office does everything a little differently!  Thanks for all the input, I have a better idea of what to expect now. As usual I just need to relax and let the professionals do their thing!
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  • I had my nt scan about two weeks ago and I go in on Tuesday to go over it. It has been a long two weeks but the tech told me she thought things looked pretty good.
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  • I got the results from the perinatologist (not my regular OB) who performed my NT scan.  
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  • My doctor didn't perform either of my NT scans personally. For my DS my scan was done at a MFM office, and for this baby the only person in the room (besides DH and I) was the u/s tech. In both cases I was able to learn that the measurements looked good during the scan, but it took a few days for the blood work to come back since they had to be sent to an outside lab. Had there been a problem the office would have called with results, but everything was fine so I just got them at my regular OB appointment.

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