One year memorial ideas

Hi ladies,

I know that this has been asked countless times but I never thought that I would actually get to the one year and here I am about 1.5 months away from when we lost our daughter last year. We want to do something in memory of our daughter at the cemetery just my husband and I. I am going to get pink balloons and do a balloon release as well as bring her flowers and perhaps read some poems but what have you all done?  Any poems that you would recommend? To be honest I am scared to go to Google and start Googling this as I know I will be a mess. Thanks in advance.

Re: One year memorial ideas

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    Check out Stillbirthday.com and Stillstandingmag.com for good poems or things people have written. 

    Ours will be in Dec. We plan on releasing sky lanterns and inviting family over. But we would also like to do something more lasting. So we are considering a pre/post-party at our church in Elsie's name, before we do the toy giveaway we do each year. The toys go to kids who wouldnt get them otherwise. But, we are still just trying to figure out what we want to do. 

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