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Pediatric Cardiologist

Any other May moms out there with LO's that were diagnosed with heart murmurs? I was told by his pediatrician it was probably nothing but I'm still nervous... his specialist appointment is today.

Re: Pediatric Cardiologist

  • My LO was not diagnosed with this but I just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers your way. I've been to a gastro specialist and now we are going to an eye specialist so I definitely know how you are feeling.
  • My baby was not diagnosed with a heart murmur, but he does have wolff parkinson white syndrome, a condition that can throw his heart rate into something ridiculously high (280 bpm and above) aka SVT.  The first incident happened literally 2 hours after he was born and he was carted off to the NICU to see pediatric cardiologists at UCSF medical center in an emergency vehicle.

     He's gone to see his pediatric cardiologist again when he was a month old and we are still keeping track of it.  Try not to worry too much, they know a lot about this stuff and most of it seems to be developmental.  Hopefully he'll just grow out of it, but I understand it's really stressful to have to be concerned about it.  It certainly gave me the fright of my life.

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  • I work with one. And most of the time the murmurs are innocent. Or they can be small holes in the heart that close a little later on and cause no problems. Don't worry it's usually an innocent murmur! Good luck
  • My DS was born with a hole in his heart and is followed by a pedi cardiologist. Right now we just wait and see if the hole closes on its own. They found the hole when he was a day old and it was absolutely terrifying. But I felt much better after meeting with the cardiologist and getting a plan.

    Hopefully the murmur is nothing and that you like the cardiologist! Keep us updated!
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  • DD1 had a heart murmur but it wasn't heard until age 1. When it was still heard at her 2 year appt, my doc ordered an echocardiogram. Basically an ultrasound on her chest, nothing invasive. We took her to Children's for the procedure and it turned out to be a transient murmur, something she'll outgrow over time
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    Sending you positive thoughts for it to be something innocent that he'll grow out of!
  • My little guy has an inherited heart defect, a mitro valve prolapse. The peds said they will monitor it but these things just sound scary. Both my husband and his father have the same defect and all they have to do is have it checked once a year. He also had a dimple on the base of his spine that needed to be seen by specialists. Doctors who are children's specialist must take classes on how to talk to freaked out moms because they all are very nice and assure me that my little man is just fine.
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    Sending you thoughts and prayers!  My LO has a heart murmur, and ASD (hole in the heart that will eventually close) and a Partial Anomolous Pulmonary Venous Return (PAPVR) which will be fixed with surgery in a few years.  DS's pedi cardio is AMAZING.  I agree with the PP who said they must take classes on how to deal with parents, because he really put DH & me at ease when DS was first diagnosed.  I hope all is well with your LO!
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  • Natalie has specific type murmur that I was told she would grow out of.,  Try not to worry until you know more info.  Prayers everything is ok.

  • Thanks everyone! The appointment went well. They did a heart ultrasound, which took forever, and said though he definitely has a murmur it will probably go away on its own. If its not gone by his first birthday we will reevaluate.  They were able to rule out anything serious, thankful. 

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