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Anyone else trying to introduce a bottle this late?

So far I've been able to nurse DD before I run into work, do what I need to do there, and then come back home and finish working from there (I work from home and go into the office occasionally).  DD attempted to have a bottle once at church when she was really little, but it was a disaster, so I never tried again.  I've honestly been enjoying not having to pump at all.

But things are picking up at work and I'm needing to stay there longer.  DD is getting fussy for the sitter, who wants to start trying bottles to calm her down.  I'm supposed to try a bottle today and tomorrow to see how it goes, but I'm feeling lazy and REALLY not wanting to get out the dreaded pump.

Did anyone else have luck introducing a bottle to a BFing baby this late in the game?  I've had all of my other babies taking bottles of milk by a month old and have never had to deal with this before.


Re: Anyone else trying to introduce a bottle this late?

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