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Baby teeth and breastfeeding

I don't think we're entering the teething phase lately, but several of you mamas are, and it got me wondering.. How do you go about breastfeeding a baby with teeth? It sounds like a recipe for a lot of pain!
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Re: Baby teeth and breastfeeding

  • People have warned me about it, but I think if your kid doesn't chew on you with no teeth, what is going to change with teeth? 

    DD hasn't bit me yet, but she's only had teeth for 3 days or so.

    I think what I'll do is if she does bite me is unlatch and finish the bfing session then and there. 

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  • They don't use their teeth while nursing. Sometimes you'll get blisters or discomfort as they learn to adjust their latch with each new tooth, but as far as biting goes, they sort of need their teeth out of the way to latch and get their milk, so they don't usually bite. If you do, you just pull them off, say "No!" firmly and they get the hint. Usually after 2 or 3 times they learn that if they want milk they shouldn't mess around.
  • You can't bite while sucking, I promise :) I BF DD1 until she was 2. By that point she had 20 teeth. It wasn't an issue.
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  • It's only an issue if they get lazy with their latch.  Neither of my kids has ever bitten me (::knock wood::).  Usually it's a totally non-issue, but sometimes if he wants to comfort nurse after he falls asleep his latch/suck get a little lazy, and then there is a tooth digging into the nipple.  That hurts.
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  • My first DS bit me a few times when he was getting his top teeth, he would let go of his suction and bite down hard, ouch! I think it was due to teething pain, but it lasted for a while. I would pull him off and yell ouch (my natural reaction) and tell him no. He was more like 10 months at the time and once he got the top 2 he stopped. I will say that as a 2 year old he was biting us again, so maybe it was just a "thing" for him.
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    Poke your finger in and unlatch if they bite, and just be done with the nursing session. If they are biting, they are not actively eating anymore as they can't nurse and use their teeth. I never got mad, because they are innocent babies, but I saved the nips and stopped the nursing until the next nursing session. I only have had a hand full of biting or teeth scrapping between 4 kids nursing (3 with teeth). 
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  • DD bit me once, it startled me more than really hurt, but it did hurt. I screamed really loud, and yelled no. Dd let go and started crying because i startled her and she never did it again. Hopefully i don't have a problem DS he already likes to chew on me...
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  • LO does bite when she starts goofing around while feeding/not wanting to feed anymore.  It's been one week with teeth...I got bit this morning.  It wasn't nice.  I took a picture to show my husband.
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  • My lo curruntly has three teeth. He got me with his first tooth and left a little cut. He hasn't gotten me since. Honestly, I really didn't feel him but me I just saw the cut. It really did not hurt.
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  • Well, I guess I'll share my horror story since no one else has one.  I actually had to stop bf DS1 at 8 months because he bit me so hard my nip bled for a day. I couldn't even pump that side because it kept bleeding. I had to stop pumping for that day and then the next day I was able to without it bleeding. Obviously I was quite lopsided and uncomfortable until I could pump again.

    This was not the first time he bit me but it was the first time it bled. He had about 8 teeth at the time. I had tried telling him No but he didn't get it.  I decided it was time to stop bf.  At this point nursing was so stressful because I was constantly fearing a bite.  DS didn't seem to mind stopping either.  I did continue to pump for 4 months but after a month of exclusively pumping my supply tanked and I had to supplement.  It was fine.

    DS2 just starting popping teeth on the bottom.  :(  He's already bit me a couple times but I can sense when it's going to happen and get my finger in there to stop it. It's usually when he's falling asleep.

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