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Boppy and tummy time?

Hello! DS is 2.5 months and his ped says we need to start increasing his tummy time. Just wondering if anyone has used a tummy time boppy at this age? Did it help? DS haaaaates tummy time and I'm looking for tips to make it easier on him. Thanks! 

Re: Boppy and tummy time?

  • My son loves being on his belly, but he typically goes straight to sleep. Using the boppy has helped to keep him awake a bit longer (not much unfortunately). Also, we put him across our legs/thighs sometimes because this seems to keep him awake the longest. I've noticed that on the boppy and on our legs he uses his neck muscles more and moves his head around more. Not sure if this helps.
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  • I use the bobby for my lo. It helps her enjoy it more. She also hates tummy time, but with the boppy its easier to keep her head up. She still only tolerated it for a few minutes, but its better than just laying her on her belly with no pillow.

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  • you can also put LO on your chest. That helped my DD when she was younger
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  • Do I use the boppy...almost everyday!


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  • that might work for my LO. he hates tummy time too. thanks for the idea :-)
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