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Gestational Diabetes

Was there anyone that was disgnosed with GD during their pregnancy, but developed diabetes after having the baby?  TIA

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  • No personal experience with GD. But I have 3 friends that had GD when pregnant. Of the 3, 2 continued with diabetes after delivery. One had to do insulin shots while pg. She was diagnosed with diabetes right away after having baby and still takes meds for it 6 years later. The other friend controlled her GD with a strict diet. 3 years later she started to develop diabetes and is trying to control with diet. So far so good. Now I have to mention that both are overweight and I have no idea how how well they took care of themselves after delivery. Hope that info helps.
  • Thanks for the info. Being diagnosed with this really gets me down. It feels like you can't eat anything. there is no history of diabetes in my family nor did I eat terrible before becoming pregnant. I weighed only 105 pounds. Why the dr. is being so strict is stressing me out.
  • I am a little confused by your post? what exactly is stressing you out? The strictness of the diet? Your OB communicating to you the seriousness of this diagnosis? The potential to have diabetes post-partum?

    If it is any of the above note that none of those factors are within your control. It?s ?spilt milk?. I understand the diagnosis is a shocker, it was for me too. But all the factors of being diagnosed, managing during pregnancy and the future of diabetes is 100% outside of your control so we just have to ride it out.

    If your last question reads ?Why is the Doctor being so strict?? it?s because this is a very stringent diagnosis. There are solid boundaries of what you can and can?t eat, what your glucose levels have to stay within, etc. Do you know what your ?failing? reading was for your GD test? If it was high like mine (1 hour test with a 174) then that is probably why they are so strict? because the condition needs to be managed right away and they are communicating that to you. No need to stress. Diet and glucose readings are within your control almost immediately. Just start eating better and your numbers will be lower. Once you meeting with your specialist you will have a better picture.

    The diet is strict, have you met with your dietician. Everyone if different with GD but there is a lot of meals, foods that you can have. It is a bummer that we can?t indulge on cinnamon rolls, fun fetti cupcakes, fruit baskets, Gatorade, soda, fried chicken, French fries, etc. But there is a lot that we still can eat. On the Sept 2013 board we have a check-in and a lot of the ladies have fabulous meal ideas and suggestions. You should pop over there every once in a while.

  • I have GD, my mother is also a type 2 diabetic.. No matter what you have a 50/50 chance of having it after the baby or later in life once the baby is born. I have found the diet to be hard but not impossible. You just have to cut out crap food and eat healthy. The baby and your health is more important than indulging in every craving you might have. Just stick to the diet and hope for the best
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  • Your doctor is being strict because GD can have some very real consequences for your baby.

    The diet isn't impossible to follow. It's a basic healthy diet, but it's not the end of the world. And on the plus side, I've lost weight since being on the GD diet, despite baby still growing well. 

    The chances of having diabetes after baby is born is an unknown. You might end up with it right after, or it could be years down the track. Your risks are increased but if you look after yourself and continue to eat well and exercise, your risks are lowered again. 

    Sacrifices need to be made on the GD diet, but they are sacrifices for your baby, not just because. 

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