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12 week growth spurt??

My LO that usually sleeps at least 8 hrs through the night is now up at his second feeding of the night!! Wtcrap. Of course it would be the night I feel like poo, my period is in full force, and the hubs is working a 7pm7am at the hospital. At least I don't have to work tomorrow!! Any other mommies up out there?

Re: 12 week growth spurt??

  • I am up, I am up every night until 4am. He wakes up at 4am. There is a problem with my insomnia, I think it sparked up because of lack of sleep starting a bunch of days ago. This last week I haven't had more than 3 hours sleep in a 24 hour period. I remember being able to handle this as a teenager, right now it is wearing on me and my tolerance to his constant fussing.

    Your baby might be going through the growth spurt, wonder week, or even the beginning of the 4 month wakeful, or he is just having one of those days. It is always hard to tell. I know people want to throw around 'not everything has a name,' but I firmly believe that if the same oddity has been going on for a week or more, it needs to have a name. 

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  • Makes sense. Though he's also getting over bronchiolitis, so that has made him a little fussier than usual. I'm sorry about your lack of sleep. I've never been one to function well on little sleep. I always get sick. I hope you can catch a nap or something!!
  • Umm yes. She woke up six, yes SIX, times the night before, and four times last night. So far we are up to three here for tonight. I'm exhausted!

  • So exhausted! Nolan got up to eat at 145 and has been up every hour since! He's never been a great sleeper but Sunday night he slept from 10445 then until 730 so I had hope. That hope is now long gone lol! I really wish he would learn to sleep. Sighhh
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  • Consider your self lucky. For The past three weeks my little one has been getting up every 1.5 to 2 hrs, I am beyond exhausted.


  • We were up at 1am and 4am... and by up I mean wide awake! We even skyped with daddy at 1am, he's on a business trip in palo alto. Normally LO sleeps 830p until like 4am, quick feed and back down till 7. Thank you, teething, or whatever the heck a 4month wakeful means!
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  • Yup, ever since the 4th his sleeping has been so messed up. Goodbye to almost STTN. I'm wondering how much worse it can get if he goes through a 4 month wakeful growth spurt. We are also going on a roadtrip with MIL and visiting Gil and he is not a bassinet sleeper. I can hear all of the advice and everything I'm doing wrong already. 


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  • Mine is ok at night but the day sleeping is awful! He has been incredibly fussy and won't sleep during the day though he clearly needs to! He is definitely not himself these day.
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    I hate that you all are having sleep issue but I AM SO GLAD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!! Makes me feel a little better knowing that apparently this is normal.
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