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Hospital stay

Earlier today, LO gagged while eating, and then seemed to hold his breath, until his mouth and lips turned bluish purple. I sat him up straight and thumped his back. He coughed up some milk, took a deep breath, his color came back, and then he started screaming. A few minutes later he calmed down and it was like nothing happened.

I called the doc, and they had me bring him in. It happened again at the doc's office, minus the coughing up of milk.

What they previously thought might be reflux is now almost definitely reflux, but because of the severity of these two episodes, they admitted him to the hospital for observation. They even insisted on ambulance transport, in case it happened to him again while I was driving.

So far so good. He loved the ambulance ride, and his vitals and oxygen levels have been perfect. Of course, he hasn't had an episode since he's been hooked up, and while I'm glad it hasn't happened again, I do wish we knew what his vitals were doing during an episode.

In other news, his hip ultrasound went great, no abnormalities. And while we waited for the transport, they went over all my google fears from the other day and assured me his back arching is nothing serious.

Any TP's are welcome and appreciated... that the rest of the night goes smooth, that it is just reflux related, and that he never turns blue like that again! I was terrified, and I never want to have a reason to be that scared again.

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