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headache help! !!

Hello lovely moms to be

I am suffering from these horrible headaches. I usually don't get headaches which makes the pain even more unbearable. I have tried to sleep it off but that is not working. I still feel the pain coming back as I write! Any advice. Ill try anything at this point. As long as it's not harmful of course. :D

Ughh... I love the fact that i am pregnant. But these symptoms are killing me. :
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Re: headache help! !!

  • I have very severe migraines but during pregnancy all I can take is Tylenol. It's okay to have a little caffeine so maybe try a can of coke or something. No energy drinks. Just a bit of caffeine is fine.

  • I woke up with a horrible migraine this morning that cause me to get sick as well.  I took a few tylenol, drank a diet coke, and slept for a few hours and woke up much more refreshed.  I used to take prescription meds for my migraines before getting pregnant but can't take my pills anymore so this was really the next best thing.  Sadly I have found there isn't a whole lot that can be done Sad

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  • I've been a long term migraine sufferer and it's only gotten worse with my pregnancy. But I have found that if I take a Tylenol with a cup of coffee that it will take the edge off enough that sleeping it off actually works (most of the time). In the event that doesn't work use a cold compress over your eyes and lay down in the dark, quiet (if possible of course!).

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  • I get migraines and find paracetamol doesn't do much for them. At the moment I am using a menthol 4 head stick and gel headpatches which reduce the symptoms and make them bare able
  • I am screwed when it comes to headaches. I'm allergic to Tylenol! I've been trying some crazy remedies, like pressure points between the toes. Someone suggested doTerra oils but I haven't wanted to spend 30 on something that may or may not work. People swear by them, but I wish I could try. I just soak in a warm bath and drink caffeine and try to sleep it off when I have a bad one. Swimming in a nice cool pool helps me some too. I have so much stress from work that I am constantly getting terrible tension headaches. My last pregnancy I saw a neurologist and he had me avoiding certain foods that can be triggers, and eating certain foods that can help.
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  • Tylenol wasn't working for me, and the pain was so bad I was getting sick. After having a migraine 12 plus hours I called my doc to see if they could help in anyway. They gave me a script for Fioricet. You can look it up online to see more info. Like pp said having a little caffeine can help too,I heard reg coke is better than diet, since it doesn't have all the fake sugar. Hope they get better soon though, this heat doesn't help!!
  • Tylenol with a Caffeine chaser and a nap...only thing that works...or comes close.
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  • I have been getting the worst headaches as well. the not so great side effects of pregnancy. I find mine get worse if i wait to long to eat too. tylenol helps but doesnt fully take it away. hope you get some relief soon!



  • I'm sorry...I remember horrible, killer migraines thanks to pregnancy hormones for my 1st pregnancy, not as bad or as many for my 2nd, but for this pregnancy, I've been taking Propanolol for my chronic headaches/migraines for the last year, & they said I could stay on them during my pregnancy.  It's the ONLY thing in over 10 years that has EVER helped control or minimize them.  

    Unfortunately, thanks to m/s, I skipped a couple days of pills, & was whammied with one this time around.  Tylenol, an ice cold Coke, lots of water, sleep, & DH stayed home for a bit to rub my head/neck.  

    Even though it's one out of the tons I used to get, it was still enough to make me miss my migraine meds.  Migraines SUCK, so I hope you can beat them.  Sometimes an ice pack at the back of the neck can help a bit, too.  GL.
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