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Progesterone Peeps...

For those of you on a progesterone supplement, when is your doctor telling you to stop? I'm supposed to stop at my 11 week mark Friday. Am I the only one who is nervous about this? I trust my doc, but still feeling some apprehension about quitting. Not sure what I'm looking for here with this post...I guess for someone to say stopworryingyoullbefine or something? Ha

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Re: Progesterone Peeps...

  • ZAngelZAngel
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    I'm supposed to stop at 11 weeks so I understand exactly what you are feeling.  I was planning to ask my doctor if I can just finish what I have which would give me another 2 weeks :lol:  I know the doctor says by 11 weeks the placenta is making plenty of progesterone... but it's scary.  I believe what you are feeling is normal and I'm sure everything will be okay.  ((HUGS))
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  • My RE told me to stop at 10w but I'll have about a week left so I'm just going to finish what I have. I was on progesterone with my last twin pregnancy also and stopped at 10w with no issues! You'll be fine!
  • I'm supposed to stop when my supply runs out. I'll be 11w2d and I'm definitely a little freaked.

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  • I have my next appt on Monday and I suspect he'll have me stop then, I'll be 11 weeks on Monday. It terrifies me and I plan to tell him so. I'm hoping he'll let me wean off over a week. I'm afraid if I quit cold turkey I'll start to bleed and freak out. I think my fear may be irrational though.
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  • I was told to stop last Fri., which was the start of week 10.  This morning I woke up in a panic that I'd m/c, but I worried for no reason.  I've had no spotting whatsoever, so I can only assume the placenta is doing its job.  Of course, I'm only calm after chatting with a friend who's gone through this herself!


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  • My dr said 12 weeks. Last time it was 14, but I started weaning at 12 weeks.
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  • My RE told me 1011 but my OB said I have enough for close to 13 weeks so it can't hurt to stay on them. Ahhh! They are becoming the bane of my existence. Maybe you could wean off slowly to ease your mind a bit?
  • mdr619mdr619
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    Doc told me I'd be done at 12 weeks, when the placenta takes over. My next appointment is next Tuesday, I'll be 11 weeks and I'm guessing she might take me off it then.
  • I just stopped today which is 11 weeks for me.  So far so good but I totally understand your reservations.  I confirmed with my Dr last week at my appt and she told me I could really finish them over the weekend if I preferred but I waited until today.  I figured she knows best!

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  • I really appreciate all of your kind responses. Looks like I'm not alone in my uneasiness.

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  • I absolutely understand your feelings. I was on progesterone with DS and was really hesitant to stop taking it. I went off it at week 12 (about a week or so after my RE gave me the green light) and now have a wild 18 month old running around my house.

    stopworryingyoullbefine Big Smile

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  • I was told that I would stop at 12 weeks I think. I take twice a day.
  • My RE wants me on it through 12 weeks. I hope my new OB out in Utah agrees...
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  • My OB wants me to stop at 16 weeks. But she is WAY more conservative than most. Just remember that you trust your doctor for a reason and that you are doing everything you can for this baby. ((Hugs))!


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  • My supply will run out right around 12 weeks...I'm gonna take it until then.  I'm also nervous about stopping it!  Your not alone :)
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  • I'm not sure when I'll be totally weaned of shots and supplements. Maybe 12-13 weeks?

    If you're feeling concerned, your doc can run a blood draw and check your levels. By this time in your pregnancy the placenta should be taking over and making enough progesterone. 

    Hope that helps.

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    Everybody is welcome!!!
  • 12 weeks here. 3 more weeks, I'm sort of excited.


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  • I was told to stop at 12 weeks along with the Metformin I'm taking. Yes, I'm very nervous but I'm just trying to remind myself that nothing happened with my son so chances are, nothing will happen again this time.
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  • I've been told I'll be stopping PIO around 10-12 weeks. I'm nervous, but hopeful to move on and trust that this pregnancy can sustain itself.
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  • I stop my PIO shots in 3 more days, at 10 weeks, then up my vaginal progesterone suppositories to twice a day until 12 weeks. They stopped my estrogen at 8 weeks and I was really nervous, but had a great US 5 days after stopping. I think it's normal to be nervous, but my fertility clinic assured me that stopping the supplements won't make me not pregnant. I'm still scared, but I think it's part of the pregnancy after infertility thing. Hang in there.
  • I'll stop at 10w1d. I'm nervous but my doctor said by that point the placenta will take over so even if I kept taking it, it wouldn't help any if it's not viable. I know she menu to calm my nerves but she freaked me out even more!
  • For both of my previous 2, they stopped me right about 11-12 weeks, & both babies turned out fine, which considering I have fertility & hormone issues, that was a surprise, but apparently our bodies do kick in at some point.  

    For this one, I will see my doctor Friday, but my pills will run out the following week, about Wednesday.  According to my LMP, I should be ending my 11th week then, but I don't know how I'm measuring so, I plan to bring it up at Friday's u/s.

    Maybe you could ask for a blood test to check your levels if you're super worried, but if you haven't had previous issues, then I think it's just the normal "OMG, what if...is this right...should I..." thoughts that plague most mommies for...yeah, I'm going to say every pregnancy.

    I swear, if we didn't have anxiety issues beforehand, pregnancy is enough to introduce you to 'em, for a nice full 9 months at least, & then it's mommy anxiety! 
  • My ob told me to continue with 2 through this week 11w today and then cut back to one for the following week. He told me to go off of them gradually. I'm nervous too so I understand! Hugs to you...we are almost to 2nd trimester!!!
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