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Dentist in the city?

Actual question: Has anyone found a dentist for their LO that they love? And one that perhaps let's you go back with your child for procedures until they are at least a little older?

Our LO turned two last week and our Ped suggested that we take him to see the dentist within the next 6 months. The family dentist that my husband and I currently go to, and the pediatric dentist that they are affiliated with, have always told us that we could "wait" until he has at least 8 teeth (which he has had for a while now). I have since spoken with a friend from high school who is now a dentist in a different state about what to look for and one big thing he said to watch out for are dentist who say to "wait until they are 3" or other similar sentiments since they are considered more "old school" and not as evidence based with current research which I guess says something more along the lines of 6 months for their first appt? Which means that our current dentist is most likely "out"

Thanks in Advance!

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Re: Dentist in the city?

  • Sorry no recommendations really. We had a hard time finding a dentist that would let us go into the room with our toddler. All the dentists that we found in our area that specialized in kids have that rule that parents must wait in the waiting room and are only allowed to in the room by invitation. We found a few dentists on yelp that are family dentists and most let parents in the room. We just could not find a dentist we liked based on the reviews. Most seemed like the old school, old fashioned type dentists, which we don't like. We finally took our son to one of those Brite Dental chains. We were desperate because he needed a dental check up to be allowed into preK. They let us in the room and it was just ok. They only do quick check ups and refer you to another dentist if more is needed. Probably would not go back again unless we needed another quick check up for school. Think we're going to bite the bullet and take ds to a children's dentist and sit in the waiting room.
  • Hmm..that's a bummer. None of our friends with kids our LO's age have taken their kids to the dentist yet so perhaps I will just stick with our neighborhood dentist for now as well. Thanks for the input!
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  • Not sure where you live, but we go to City Kids Dental.  I've always gone back into the exam room with DD as have all the other parents I see there.  I never knew that a kids dentist would be any different.  
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