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When to do solids?

So I recently started trying some solids with dd at 6 months old, and so far she is super not into them at all. I've tried a few things and she barely will open for anything. On top of that, I really am struggling during the work week as to what time to even try them. The mornings are crazy as it is and then in the evenings she is so beat and jus wants to nurse and play a little before bed. When should I do this and how???
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Re: When to do solids?

  • Send some to daycare and ask them to keep trying. LO will catch on eventually. I fed DD solids in the evenings.
  • I give my almost 6 month old some solids around lunch time (or my Mom does if I am working) and then we give her some more at dinner, but like you she tends to be fussy in the evening. Where does she go while you are at work, and can they give her solids there?
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  • I felt this way until I just gave in and let DC handle it.  Solids during the day made more sense because it was easier/less stressful on LO and me, so I sent them in with LO and focused on nursing in the mornings and evenings when I was home.  He got it pretty quickly and at this point gets breakfast and lunch provided by DC and crawls for his chair when he sees the "lunch lady" coming.

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    We did 2 weeks of cereal at dinner time. I tried to make a routine by putting DS in his high hair with his bib and he fussed at first but now gets it. Just yesterday we added a 2nd meal
    Arnd 9am so
    He has bfast and dinner.
    Keep trying ...
    Eventually they catch on!
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