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How is it going with those spitters? Anything seem to be helping?

Ours is still spitting up a ton! It's sad the amount of outfits and bibs that are sent home from school everyday. I was hoping oatmeal would help but so far I don't see a change. Luckily he's still pretty happy and smiles through it all..
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Re: Reflux moms

  • I finally gave in and started Zantac two weeks ago.  I can't tell if its helping.  The only difference is she's eating more, do maybe? I'm doing a combo of the meds and no dairy, eggs, nuts, soy.  She still spits ip a ton and a few times when she's had complete meltdowns I've suspected reflux was responsible. 
  • Over the past week or so I have noticed dd isn't spitting up as much. Some feedings she will even keep about 90% down. Now she will have a good day followed by a how can she possibly have anything left in her day. I haven't tried anything to help though.
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  • Mine spits up a ton but he doesn't have acid reflux so we arent really doing anything to prevent it. He goes through phases. Sometimes he's really barfy and then some days he's wearing the same onsie all day.
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  • I changed DS' onesie and less than a minute later had to change it again. Spit up lately has been a bit nuts. I suppose it's because I have been eating more yogurt. Mmmm yogurt... 

    But yeah, no change. And DS has been on Prilosec for 2 months now. But at least his discomfort is gone.  

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  • Mine was getting better until he started rolling onto his belly now he spits up even more like when he was itty bitty. The ped said it was going to to get worse again before it gets better because of the rolling. On Sunday I had to change myself 8 times!!!! I guess I will just have to get use to smelling like spit up for awhile lol Just want to add the worst smell is when it is in your hair...SO GROSS. Or when they spit up while sleeping and roll in it and you pick them up and their head smells like dirty feet lol He is a hppy spitter so we just deal.
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  • T got switched to Prevacid and it's helping so far. She's stopped the back arching and crying while laying down. Her spit up has reduced and it seems like she's spitting up less stomach acid. Hopefully this is the solution until she outgrows it. I don't want MIL to be correct that she'll have reflux forever.
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