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New here :(

Hi everyone, I'm new here. My husband and I were pregnant with our third and lost the baby on Sunday. I was between 10-11 weeks and I was supposed to have my first appointment this week, and I had no idea it was coming until I started spotting last Friday. It finally came to an end Sunday afternoon, a natural miscarriage. Miniature labor, I felt my water break and had contractions and everything. It was awful, and I have nowhere to really express how I feel. We are so heartbroken. We buried the baby last night, named her (because we thought it was a girl) Hannah Joy.

I feel like crap, and feel depressed. I thought everything was fine... I feel like it was somehow my fault even though it couldn't have been. I was using a midwife this time around and she has been wonderful, checking up on me and trying to help me through it. She thinks I have low progesterone, due to my really short luteal phase and recent weight loss. Anyone else have low progesterone and have tips on what to do? She recommended a cream later on if we get pregnant again. Sorry for the rambling, I'm just so overwhelmed and don't know what to do. This is the worst, and I'm sorry for all of your losses as well.

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Re: New here :(

  • holtzmholtzm
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    I am so sorry for your loss. I've said a prayer for you, and I hope you at least find some comfort here knowing you're not alone. I lost my first baby late last month at five weeks. Still struggle with guilt though every day my husband assures me it wasn't my fault. Don't have a whole lot of advice since I'm still trying to cope, but I have found that talking about it with close friends and family helps.
  • Hiya, 

    You're feeling the worse of it right now. It will get easier, but you're still in the very early stages of grieving. I think we kind of forget that it is grieving & that, of course, takes time to heal. I am so sorry for your loss. I completely understand.  

    Progesterone can certainly guard against future loss if low progesterone is a problem. Your Doc can put you on it around the 4 week mark even if you're not sure if you're pregnant yet, just in case. You should talk with him/her & know what your options are. Some women are just naturally low in progesterone even if nothing is wrong with the baby. Not having high enough progesterone can cause you to m/c.

    It is nothing that you have, or haven't done, although I understand it's a hard concept to fully comprehend. Allow yourself the tears & time to heal.


    Hugs xx 

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. Thoughts, prayers, and hugs go out to you.

    I just had a D and C on Friday, so my loss is very new as well. It is nice that this board exists with people that really understand what you're going through. I hope you find some comfort here.

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  • I am so terribly sorry for your loss.  The bloodwork that I had right before the miscarriage was confirmed reflected low projesterone, so I did a lot of internet research on it.  My doctor explained that low progesterone could be an indication of an oncoming miscarriage, and not the actual cause of the miscarriage.  At least for me, this seemed to be true.  Here is a link to other symptoms of low progesterone, none of which applied to me:


    My doctor told me that the next time that I am pregnant, that she will do bloodwork as soon as I get a BFP to monitor the progesterone from the very beginning as an extra precaution but does not think that was the cause of the miscarriage. 

    Hugs to you... I can't imagine the pain of burying such a little baby.

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  • I am so sorry for your loss. I am new here as well and would have been 9 weeks tomorrow. May peace be with you and your husband. I hope you were able to have some closure by being able to bury your precious little one. Hannah Joy is a beautiful name for her. 
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  • Sorry for your loss. Welcome to the board although im sad you have to be here but its definitely a helpful board so im glad youve found it. I dont really know too much about low progesterone levels except that it can be a factor in some miscarriages or difficulties in trying to conceive. If you guys decide to try again, she might put you on progesterone to help your levels. Big hugs!

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    I'm so sorry for your loss.
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  • First I want to say u did nothing wrong its not your fault and I'm sorry for your loss....I don't know kmuch about low progesterone...but I would definitly have them keep an eye on things once u get pg again so hopefully u won't ma again..my thoughts and prayers r with u ..
  • So very sorry for your loss. :( This board will be a great help in your healing process. The women here are amazing! Sending lots of T&P your way <3
  • I am also very sorry for your loss.  There is nothing that can prepare us for this pain and I  really wish that nobody would ever have to go through it.

    I have been diagnosed with low progesterone.  Sometimes it is the cause of miscarriages, but other times it's indicative of ovulatory problems earlier in the cycle.  Both can be treated by a reproductive endocrinologist...  they will do a series of blood tests to see where you stand.

    {HUGS} to everyone on the board.

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  • I know it's hard not to blame yourself, but I can tell you tried very hard to have a healthy pregnancy. I too have blamed myself so much because of me just not feeling good at all the night before and did not get up and go to the doctor. It's hard not too. Just know we are here and we care.
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  • Thank you so much everyone. I am overwhelmed by your kind words, and am thankful to those of you that had advice.
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  • Ditto everyone else. It is hard not to blame yourself but it is just not your fault. I talked to my doctors office this morning and they reminded me again that this sucks, it's sad but it is not my fault and it does not mean that there is something wrong with me. The same is true of your situation. This board is a great place for some support and just to know that you are not the only person out there having this same crappy time right now. ::hugs::


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