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Having trouble accepting it all...

My doc told me this morning that if I were to wait for things to happen naturally it only takes a day or so...Except this whole ordeal started almost a week ago and I am not bleeding/spotting at all yet. I am just a little crampy - not bad just annoying. I am scheduled for a D/C tomorrow morning and I keep thinking "what if it is a mistake?!" - I don't want to see everything come out of me, that is why I chose D/C but all I can think about is how I am not even spotting! Is it weird if I ask them to take one last look before the procedure tomorrow? The ultrasound from Monday was just with a tech who would say nothing and then we got a call from the doctor. I think had someone been there to point and explain what they were seeing that it would be easier to accept. I dunno....I just feel like I need something definitive. Sigh...
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Re: Having trouble accepting it all...

  • I don't think so. I would just ask them. I'm sure they would try their best to give you the acceptance you need.
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  • You could always ask them for another u/s. When I had my D and C they gave me a low dosage of miso to take before my procedure to softener my cervix. Therefore another u/s wouldn't have been possible for me because the process already started.

    My thoughts will be with you tomorrow for the procedure!

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  • I would definitely ask for another ultra sound. I felt the same way before my dc and I regret not doing one last ultrasound. It's better for you to move on knowing, than to live with the what if and the guilt that comes with it. Praying for you darlin!
  • If you want another u/s, insist on one.  It's your right to be 100% comfortable with your decision to have a D&C. 

    My doctor also misled us into thinking the natural m/c could happen within a day... we waited two weeks and nothing. We had another u/s to confirm the m/c and then opted to take the Cytotec pill to move things along. The final u/s brought us some closure, as it was very obvious that there was no baby and my uterus was filled with blood. 

     Huge to you.

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  • I would definitely ask for one last ultrasound before you have the DC just so you can get that closure you need. My doc also gave me an ultrasound after the follow up appt to make sure everything had passed and seeing that it did also helped in our closure. I was a lot like you and wanted to make sure before i took anything/did anything that my baby was 100 gone and i could only get that having gotten another ultrasound and seeing for myself. First us showed just gest sac and yolk sac but no fetal pole. Secod us showed just gest sac and now no yolk sac so i could see my body was slowly reabsorbing and beginning to miscarry although way to slow which is why i had to take the cytotec. Hope your able to get the closure you need and that your D and C goes well. Lots of hugs to you

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  • I had 3 ultrasounds before I had the D&C - if your want one, ask!  I would call them today  - sure they can fit you in.
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  • Definitely ask for your own peace of mind. So sorry you are going through this <3
  • So sorry for your loss.  Definitely ask for another ultrasound if you want one.  I found out at my 12 week scan that my babies had no heartbeat and had stopped growing at 8 weeks.  I started spotting later the same day. That was 3 weeks ago, and have yet to bleed to miscarry naturally. My d&c is scheduled for later today, as I have now been carrying these twins with no heartbeat for 7 weeks.  It is possible your body just hadn't realized yet the pregnancy was over, despite the doctors expecting that to happen fairly quickly, it can take a long time. 


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  • image Kinipela7:
    I had 3 ultrasounds before I had the D&C - if your want one, ask!  I would call them today  - sure they can fit you in.

    Yes, this! 

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  • Thanks ladies. I asked about at least seeing the images from the previous ultrasound and without hesitating the doc said he was going to just do another one or even 2 if I wanted - right there in my little pre-op room. I am blessed to have had him as my doctor today, he was so kind and so informative. He went over everything he saw, didn't see, and would normally want to see, etc. It was one of very few other things that helped me get through the day. 
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