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I am new to this board. I was wondering about a few things. I have a 10 mth old and had a miscarriage on May 24th. Is this a place where I can ask questions on here or do I need to stick posting questions about him on 9- 12 mth board. The reason I am asking is I am still hurting emotionally from what has happened and I am not sure what would happen if someone was rude or hurtful to one of my post. I have been very sensitive to everything and I just need kind words. Does anybody know this answer. Is there something I need to put in subject to make sure mom's that may can't handle a post does not get upset or read that post? Please help because I don't want my feelings torn to pieces, but I want to also respect others as well. Thanks
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  • Others can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that if your questions are MC related but include your baby, you could just put a warning in the subject (ie. Baby mentioned).  As another note, I know some posters appreciate having a warning that you have a picture of your LO as your avatar.



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  • Do I put that in the subject too or is there some other way I need to do that. Thanks for your help. Honestly I did not think about my avatar.
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  • image Faith 21:
    Do I put that in the subject too or is there some other way I need to do that. Thanks for your help. Honestly I did not think about my avatar.

    You can put it in the subject and it is also a good idea to put it at the beginning of your actual posts because mobile bumpers like me can't always read the full subjects if they are long.

    I'm sorry for your loss!!

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  • I'm very sorry for your loss. This is certainly an appropriate place for you following a miscarriage, and I hope you'll find this board a source of comfort and support. Thanks for being sensitive to the feelings of other ladies here in regards to mentions/photos of your living infant. Changing your avatar was a very helpful thing to do. As the previous poster suggested, a warning in your subject line (and also at the top of your post for bumpers who are mobile) is is appreciated in posts when you intend to mention your living child. 

    I'm sorry you have to be here, but, welcome. 

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  • So very sorry for your loss. This board is full of loving ladies who are very supportive, rarely snarky. I hope you find comfort and support here!
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  • Yes your definitely in the right place. Welcome although im sorry you have to be here and for your loss. Putting a sighy warning in your title and/or top of your entry will def go a long way to helping from hurting others but doesnt mean you cant mention your child. Just warn people ahead. Lots of people have a pic of their child in their signature but they warn at the begininning that its there so that those who dont want to view the pic can skip it. Hope your able to find comfort here. My thoughts and prayers are with you

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    I agree with PP that you are welcome here and title/posts/siggy warnings are a courtesy. I'm so sorry for your loss, and this is a great board for helping to deal with a MC with other hurting ladies who are very supportive.
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  • Very sorry for your loss..
    . unfortunately yes this is the place for you if you had a miscarriage.. welcome to a wonderful group of ladies... thank you for being sensitive and asking a question about your newborn... I hope that you find us a source comfort
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