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Double stroller worth it?

For those of you that have a double stroller, what kind do you have, do you like it, and do you think it was worth it?  

I'm hoping to save some money by just not buying one.  I'd like to think I can just put the newbie in the Ergo and let Jack walk.  But then I wonder what about if we decide to go to the zoo, or we are out long enough that my back will start to hurt from carrying the baby.  

Jack is going to be almost 3 by the time DS2 arrives and I feel like that's a little old for a stroller.  He hasn't ridden in one in a looooong time as it is.  Would something like a sit and stand be beneficial?  Or should I just go for the Ergo and let him walk? 

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Re: Double stroller worth it?

  • I've been thinking I need a double stroller, but now I've changed my mind.  DS still uses the stroller, though he is preferring to walk more and more.  If we really needed both to be in a stroller, we have our main stroller (that fits infant car seat) and our travel stroller, so technically we could bring both though that would be a pain in the butt.   And of course, you need 2 people!  Or the combo of Ergo for baby and stroller for DS.

    All that to say, I've been wondering the same thing so I'll be curious to see what others say.

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  • I'm not planning on getting a double stroller or sit n stand. I'm thinking I will wear #2 and let hazel ride, or hazel can walk and #2 can ride. I might get a foldable wagon though for trips to the zoo,beach, fairs and such where I think hazel wouldn't be able to walk the whole time.

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  • I think I decided we're getting a sit and stand.  There are a lot of times that if I just let Evan walk he gets distracted and dawdles and I find myself sticking him in our umbrella stroller a lot.  Also, I remember with E, the last thing I wanted to do with my winter baby was take him out of the warm car seat when he was sleeping to wear him.  I know I'm going to want a stroller for the new LO that can accommodate an infant carrier.  I found a Baby Trend one that's relatively inexpensive so I'm thinking about going with that one.
  • O was only 18 months when D was born and i thought id just use our single bob and ergo.  there were times when it was a disaster. like when i took them both to an appointment for O, and id need to get him in and out of the stroller or when id take them out to play, then needed to chase O when i had D in the ergo.  

    i ended up getting a double bob and it made things a ton easier for the park, beach, etc.  sometimes i just needed to contain one while i dealt with the other, if that makes sense.  

    the bob is too big for our dr. office though, so i have still been struggling during those times, even now that O is almost 3.  since D is 1, he doesnt like to be held the whole time we are there so he is starting to fight the ergo.  i am thinking of getting a cheap double foldable, umbrella type just for that. 

    the situation is different with the ages for your boys, but i think these things are still worth considering.    i guess it also depends on how J acts during appointments. O and D are  all over the place and sometimes i just need to "strap them in".  :)

  • We bought a sit and stand.  It has worked really well for us.  I take the boys to the zoo and the children's museum frequently, so it has come in handy on those occasions because he can sit on the bench seat in back if he gets tired, or I need him to stay contained (read: parking lots).  It has come in handy at the mall as well the few times we have gone.
  • Thanks for all the input!  I have definitely considered how nice it was to keep J in the infant seat when he was little.  That is what is kind of swaying me to get a stroller.  But I suppose I could always use the travel system we have and J could walk.  

    Maybe I'll put the sit and stand on a registry and if we decide to get it later I'll have the completion coupon at least. :)  

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  • I just responded to a similar post on Parenting today if you want to look for that post too. Anyway, I think I could have done without a double. I used a single and carrier, or J walked, more often than not.

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  • image EMO-mamma:
    I just responded to a similar post on Parenting today if you want to look for that post too. Anyway, I think I could have done without a double. I used a single and carrier, or J walked, more often than not.

    That's pretty much how I imagine it will go.  Either that or baby in the stroller and J walk.  Thanks for the info, I'll go find that thread! :) 

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  • Late to the party, and I haven't read all the responses, but I borrowed a Sit & Stand from a friend and it hasn't been out of the basement yet.  R likes to walk.  And he's really pretty good at staying by us.  We go to the zoo, playground, museum, library, on walks by our house, etc and H is in the travel system stroller, and R walks the whole time.  We do have a cheap umbrella stroller from Target that we take if both SO & I are going to be with the kids in case R wants to ride, but more often than not, he wants to walk.  I'd just say you know your kiddo, and if you think he likes to walk and won't run off, you wouldn't need a double stroller.  (As in, I'm glad I didn't BUY one and was able to just have it if I needed it!)

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  • We bought a Phil and teds dot. I bought it because the main seat can full recline and be used for infant or go fully up for toddler.

    We got a free second seat and juniper doesn't seem to mind it back there.

    We plan on switching to a buggy board for milo though.
  • My dad bought us a double stroller when DS2 was about a month old or so. I'm very glad he did - even though we didn't think we would end up needing/using it that much.

    For the first few weeks I just wore DS2 and took DS1 in the stroller (we did lots of early morning dog walks on my maternity leave to get out of the house). But having the double stroller is still nice for walking the dog around the neighborhood. DS2 was born in the summer and unless it was early morning, it was really hot to wear him.

    They are only 20 months apart though - I think if they were close to 3 years apart I would have gone with the sit and stand. 

    We still do dog walks with the double stroller a few mornings a week (DS1 walking is just too slow - especially with me having the dog too) . And my parents borrowed it to go to the county fair with the kids a while back.


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