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Where do you put LO when you need to get stuff done?

Right now we usually put DS in his bouncy chair or on his play mat when we need to do things around the house.  the play mat's time in that role is limited, though, since he'll start crawling eventually.  I LOVE the bouncy chair, but he'll outgrow that, too.  I'm reluctant to plop him in his crib too much since I want him to associate it with sleep, but I sometimes put him in it if I'm doing something in the room and can talk to him.  What do other Mamas do?

Re: Where do you put LO when you need to get stuff done?

  • We use an exersaucer or the crib. When using the crib I always make sure to have the lights on and toys in the crib so that even though she's in the crib it's obviously different than sleep time
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  • Do you have a pack n play? J has a strong association with the crib and sleep so he freaks if I try to put him in it during a none sleep time. He
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  • DD has a Bounce Bounce Baby that she goes it. I have a p'n'p but she's not a huge fan. Whenever I muster the energy here she is going in that so I can do the 3 days of dishes I haven't done :/ (I wish my apartment had a dishwasher.)


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  • DS goes in his exersaucer. He rolls too far too fast now to be left on the floor for more than a minute or so. Our house is one level and small, so if he's in the exersaucer in the living room he is visible from just about every room in the house.
  • We put him on the play mats that we got at Costco a lot because he likes to roll around, but it really depends on his mood and what we are doing. If we are eating it doing kitchen work, we put him in the high chair with toys. In the morning when we are getting ready for work, he is content watching his mobile in the crib. We use the bounty chair in our bedroom or when he seems more content sitting up. He is growing out of it quickly. He cam bend his knees at the edge. I hope this helps. I am curious if there are other suggestions that work. It is often trial and error.
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  • We use the bouncy seat, a fisher price rocking chair (similar to the bouncy seat), the play mat, exersaucer, jumperoo, or the sit n play chair with the toy ring (similar to bimbo but with toys on it). I have to be selective with where I put him according to what I'm doing based on my rambunctious 4 year old. If I'm not in the room constantly I typically use something that he won't get stepped on with or have something dropped on him, ie jumperoo or exersaucer generally.
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  • I don't sit or strap Josie into anything unless absolutely necessary, like when we're over at Granny's for dinner and everyone is sitting down eating. That is the only time she is stuck in the bouncer. During the day I will put her down on a blanket on the floor, or in a pack n play(mostly on the floor, though). When she starts rolling around and I need to walk away, I will keep her in the pack n play more. I don't want to constrict her to a position she can't move from while she is trying to learn how to move.

    I'm not judging anyone for using bouncers, exersaucers and the like. I just went into super-research mode ever since my daughter was born eight weeks early. So I am trying to do everything I can for her to make sure I don't unintentionally hinder her development even a little since she already had such a rough start. What I've found is that you pretty much just need to put them down and let them do their own thing. This is one website in particular that I am really trying to take to heart:


    Sorry my post got a little away from me, I answered your question and then kept rambling lol...

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  • We put our DS in the jumperoo or he loves sitting in his high chair with toys on the tray
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  • I rotate between a blanket with toys, the bumbo and tray with toys, RNP with toys, PNP with toys, bounce seat and play gym. 

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  • We just rotate our boys between the exersaucer, jumperoo, play mat and PNP. I got a crib soother for the PNP that they love but they only like being in one place for so long. Honestly they really enjoy being on the floor and they don't roll too much yet so we are ok for now. Eventually we are baby proofing one entire room and that will be their play area.
  • I use the crib, exersaucer or swing (all within my line of sight). 
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