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Dogs constantly trying to lick baby!

I have 2 dogs. They love our son and have been wonderful with him since we brought him home. However, they are always trying to lick him!! His hands, his feet, even inside his mouth! I freak out and have been training them with a, "No Lick!" command that is sort of working. Our dogs are healthy and baby is healthy but I still feel really concerned about this. Anyone else have this problem?
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Re: Dogs constantly trying to lick baby!

  • Our dog is constantly trying to lick the baby.  My baby even sticks out his tongue and leans into the dog so he will lick him.  We talked to our pediatrician about it and he said it really wasn't that big of a deal... If we could prevent it from happening great but if not... Not to worry about it.
  • Just make sure you watch them when they're outside so they don't eat any poop that may have parasites. If they lick him all the time and it hasn't made him sick, then it probably won't make him sick. I can train a dog to do a lot of funny/awesome stuff, but I could never get one to stop licking. I hate it when dogs lick.
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  • I have a lab and she is always trying to lick DS.  We try to contain the licking as much a possible and allow her to give a kiss or lick on the top of his head.  This isn't always feasible so our son gets a fair amount of licks on other body part too!   None the less, we continue to try to contain the licking and chalk up the kisses he does get to giving DS's immune system some germs and bacteria that will help bolster his immune system! 
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  • My dog licks all.the.time! Like nonstop. And if DD happens to be near him, she gets licked. I'm not worried, but we do make sure it's just one little kiss luck and not a constant slobberfest on her face or anything. I figure since now she has figured out how to grab fur, ears, tails and try to put them in her mouth, the dog deserves a lick too once in a while.
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  • How are your dogs about other things? I am not much concerned about the germs, but I would not want my dog to ignore my commands if I tell them not to lick, and I don't want them to pay that much attention to my kids --- I would send them away if they continue to lick and don't calm down. 

    We allow our dog to sniff our kids (and sometimes she lickes) when we come home in greeting, and then they can respectfully observe, but not get too involved with the kids. I don't want any accidental nipping and biting over toys or tail grabbing -- so we have distinctly marked that our dog is lower on the totem pole than our kids, and licking too much would overstep that boundry we set.  

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